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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Scientific Evidence based for Viewing Art, Improve Memory and Work Productivity

Scientific evidence is what I was searching for, with relation to art. There has been proved scientifically that viewing a painting  or art affects your psyche, as you view colors, images, textures, they have an effect on your mind, consciously or unconsciously.  When you view a painting not only your eyes but all your senses are involved. 
The aesthetic appeal of art is such that it leaves you with something new , that which you did not have before you viewed the painting or piece of art. Art frees your mind to a new experience and opens the mind for healing by bringing together mind body and spirit. When you view a painting it holds new vibrations that change your body from that of fight to relaxation and stress free. Your body immune that may have been tangled with pressures and tensions gets an outlet and space of quiet where the senses, all five are involved in a different experience. A good painting would lead you into the world of the artist, another world, another moment captured on the canvas. 
Read few days back in the newspaper about latest research, that playing video games has been scientifically involved with improvement of memory. It has been proved that taking few relaxing breaks by playing monotonous games online gives the mind a break and also improves memory.  I say why not take that few breaks and view art online. 
Viewing happy colorful art reaches to all your senses and immediately transforms your office work environment from a dull boring one to bright and fresh, try it. You do not need to concentrate, just relax and view art online, anything that grabs your interest , any artist work or profile grabbing your attention, There are many art galleries online that display a whole encyclopedia of art, different artist's works, different mediums in art and different thoughts of artists. 
This will also improve your health as your mind will be relaxed with the few selected breaks from online work, thus improving your health in the long run. This again has been proved scientifically that taking few conscious breaks while studying or working increases your work productivity and improves study grades, better than playing video games online. Take that deserved few breaks working online, and improve your efficiency  bring new experiences into your life, improve concentration, improve work productivity,  go on view some paintings who knows you might end up liking and buying some affordable art!
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