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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Infinite Love and Compassion a Reiki Symbol Healing Oil Painting

Infinite Love and Compassion Reiki Symbol painting by Rizwana

A simple colourful abstract healing painting on oil sketch paper, symbolic spiritual oil painting,abstract symbolic Reiki painting for emotional healing , all issues of the heart, that which we do not accept, a colourful Reiki painting for developing 'Karuna' love and compassion ,feng shui cure painting to  realize, that which hinder our progress emotionally and physically as well as financially. 
A pink colored painting for love luck, with strokes as waves of emerging pure love. This reiki symbol Harth is used to healing addictions and abuse of any events.  This Reiki non traditional symbol painting Harth is believed to remove all emotional blocks and make way for the individual to express self, understand and accept his self. The purification Reiki symbol 'Se He Ki' a emotional healing and protection symbol is used here to heal the heart and make way for compassion and karuna. Need for compassion and True love is that when individual comes out as arrogant, insecure, frustrated, irritable nature, temper goes flaring every time, scared to express and accept love, and avoids company. 
The Reiki symbol is believed to bring about harmony and stabilize emotions, with acceptance of past traumas and addictions and freeing of past karma. 
Size 13.5x9.5 Inches.
Medium Oil paint on oil sketch paper
Year 2012
Take Care and God Bless!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art

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