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Monday, October 11, 2010

Judging Art

I wonder how can people judge art? what is the criteria for selection? what art is good or bad? so many questions...... no answers. Judging art is very difficult as each individual has different opinions about the same works. Whenever you are in an gallery or looking at a friend's artwork please take care and think before judging art. Galleries have many competitions and judges have a hard time in selecting artworks. Mostly the selection is based on universal appeal and bright colours, fresh concepts or new techniques used during painting.But always the emotional aspect of an work takes it places and people go in for purchasing the artwork if they feel an emotional connection with the artwork.
Think before critiquing an artwork as the artist has made these with a lot of efforts and resources. It may be possible that one particular art work may not appeal to you. That does not mean that the artist is out of your list of viewing. Other artworks of the same artist may have some points whcih demand your attention. Always try to give suggestions rather than complete statements. It would be advisable to comment gracefully so that even you help the artist to learn and also avoid hurting their sentiments. Never make harsh statement and comments or final statements that the art is boring or does not have life. Try to respect the individual who has made the artwork as you cannot make this piece and if you try painting you will understand how difficult it is to paint any painting and also to go on for years doing the same thing.
 "Get up and get going" is the only way any artist can survive in the art world.. All the comments and the rejections in the beginning may demoralize anyone and the new artist needs to be strong and persistent in their works. "My art is my own ..I am responsible for my work and I love my paintings. I admire them ...I feed my soul by viewing them. Art is an self expression of who you are. There are no rules and no limitations. No explanations and descriptions. My art is self explanatory...I believe in leaving the world as a better place. My paintings will remain forever and with that a part of me".
                                             This positive self talk will help.

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