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Friday, October 15, 2010

Spiritual Paintings and Their Benefits

Spirituality is emerging in every individual and people are trying to go in for spiritual art works to have peace and prosperity. Exercise and healthy food is good for the body as also spiritual paintings are the food for the soul. Displaying artworks having symbolic interpretations affects our mind positively and we are refreshed  by viewing such works.
The individual purchasing spiritual artwork may not be very spiritual but the artwork grabs the attention of the viewer and they like it. Spiritual artists are persons who like to make art on spiritual themes. These artworks may be symbolic or also simple abstracts without any images. Spirituality gives peace and its definition can be different for different individuals. An spiritual artist may go on making artworks using particular colours and also certain symbols. These may not be religious symbols but also things that are symbolic representations of something else. The spiritual artist may not be very religious and also they may not follow any religious symbols. Art is an expression of the artist and they put their thoughts on the canvas. This makes the symbols work. Usually ultramarine blue, purple and gold colours are associated with spirituality. Also lighter shades of many colours are more soothing but this depends on the artist as I have seen artists carry their art well even with reds and greens. Red colour indicates positive energy and green colour is used to represent prosperity and growth. 
It is good to display spiritual paintings to heal the environment. As we do daily exercise these paintings give us daily dose of positive energy. The viewer on purchasing such artworks gets to enjoy the healing daily and over the years as also the value of the artwork keeps increasing.In Feng Shui it is considered auspicious to display symbolic and spiritual paintings to ward off evil energies and bring positive energy int he environment.
It is important to remember that an spiritual painting need not always be a religious symbol painting
 It may have universal appeal. Also the colours used in the painting keep emitting rays which in turn give colour healing and this colour therapy leads to increased confidence, motivation and success in life.

                            The Spiritual Gateway. self explanatory painting . One of my older works.

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