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Friday, October 15, 2010

Lines- a Painting Technique

Line paintings. I had this craze during beginning of career..even now I am attracted to do this style of painting. It gives very neat and defined art works. The first painting is named "Life' whereas the second work is called 'Beauty'. There is a beautiful work termed 'Third eye' I do not have the picture but I feel photograph will not be able to do justice for these works. The procedure is very difficult and use of certain sharp instruments and layering of different colours is done to produce this result.
It has to be done at one time with lots of precautions as the colours start getting together resulting in  a muddy painting.
There are beautiful artworks that can be created using this painting technique.One can begin by covering the canvas or paper with a dark colour paint. Be it red , black or blue or green. The darker the colour the better. If you use a lighter background then you can cover up with a darker shade and vice versa. After laying thick layer of paint let it dry for some time. Then apply another layer of contrasting colour on this. Now you can use any instrument and create lines or shapes over the painting. This will remove or scrape the paint on the above layer and give beautiful images left behind. This is a  wonderful art technique and can be done easily by anyone and even by children. You can use blunt knifes, back tip of brushes, pencil tips, pen tips, combs, geometrical instruments etc to use for this technique.
Care has to be taken to be gentle and also not very light as this technique is all a matter of the right pressure. Very light hand and you will not scrape enough paint to get the design and very hard pressure applied and there is fear of tearing the canvas or paper. Also avoid using very sharp objects as they will harm the material on which you are painting as well as you.

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