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Friday, October 15, 2010

Small works of Oil on Paper - Advice For the Upcoming Artist

The new upcoming artist are fresh from the college of arts or self taught artists who have not exhibited their works in a gallery. Painting takes its own course and the artist struggles to prove their identity by expressing themselves with colour. Art materials and resources are costly and sometimes the new artist struggles with giving more works and the materials available.
The cost of art resources and no exposure may lead the artist to become demoralized as it is very difficult to enter into the art industry. Technical know how and expenditure incurred in putting up an exhibition is not easy and the artist is already in the process of establishing a style of painting and does not be able to focus on the marketing or selling aspect.
Here small works on paper come handy. People around you, your friends and relatives who are also your well wishers may end up buying smaller works to encourage you. Even in the public galleries the common crowd may go in  smaller works due to less space availability in their homes. I know the selling part of art is the bitter part for every artist. You have to give up on a part of you, like your much effort and liking develops during the process of painting a work. But also the bitter truth is unless you sell your works you will not be able to share them with the world.
1)Use less costly materials in the beginning.2)One can even purchase students paints in the beginning and synthetic brushes that are less costly. 3)Start with small works of art on oil sketch paper till you are confident and comfortable with the big canvas and artists paints.4)Water colours are also cheap but not all artists are comfortable with this medium.Select a medium that are less costly to purchase and take less maintenance. 5)Frames can be made using acrylic or glass with less costly moldings for smaller works.6)Storing paintings is a big issue with every artist and smaller works can be stored easily in a folder.7)Best part of smaller works is that you can carry them easily while traveling to any place for an exhibition.

Few of my small works on paper. Done with lots of care and loads of patience. Many people have suggested I make a collage out of them. Will see, till then let me keep admiring them often and on as I get time.

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