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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Focus a spiritual Abstract Painting Art to help focusing in life

Learn to focus on one thing. Energy spent on many activities will give diluted and average results. If you want to excel focus on one aspect and work towards it. Whether you are an artist or pursuing some other profession focusing on your task is very important.
(Focused. Image by Mrs.Rizwana A.Mundewadi)
Meditation and yoga help to keep the mind cool and relaxed. Professionals who are involved in creative work very strongly need to be focused to give good results. Most of the times our energy is drained and specially the artist tries very hard to produce some good works of art but it is not possible. Remember if the mind is going through an emotional turmoil then it becomes very difficult to make any art. For making good art one must be in the present moment. Keep all other thoughts aside and ..well 'just do it for the sake of doing'
Most of the times the artist is pressurized to produce works according to social demands and this is where the creativity goes down the drain. I know it is very difficult to not think about selling works but still more important is to preserve our identity. Because if this is lost the artist within dies and only what remains is a painter!!!
Purpple Cho Ku Rei Focus Energy
Zen I Am Bliss

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