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Friday, October 15, 2010

Different techniques for Painting at Home

Every artist develops their own style of painting. I am more comfortable to work with oil paints on canvas. Though whenever there is crunch for art materials I go in for works on paper. Sometimes I have also used water colours and crayons. There are many types and techniques artists use for producing master pieces. Even at home you can easily make a piece of art by using different techniques of painting.
Brush and paint style is the most universally accepted and usually all artists have works using paints and brushes. Strokes may vary and shapes of strokes may vary as well as layering of colours may also bring different results. The tip of the brush that is the other end is also very useful to produce art.
Sponge pieces, cutouts of vegetables and stencils can also be used to produce attractive art works. Textured paintings are also  hot selling in the art world.
Any artist must try different mediums and techniques in their early years of painting. This will help them to open up and make good artworks and also let then evolve as an artist. They will in later years develop their distinct style of painting which will be accepted by the viewers as their signature style.
Beautiful artworks can be made by using cloth and rags dipped in colours. Even the bottle tops and covers of containers when dipped in paint can give you wonderful abstracts. Stencil use is also a technique by which you can make paintings. This can be done by using a cut out of any pattern you wish to place on the canvas.Use brush or dropper and spray the area apart from the stencil to get beautiful artwork.
Another good technique with materials is to use jute or canvas which is thick material having ridges of threads. Paint when applied on this material can be stamped on the plain paper or canvas to create texture in your artworks.
By using different techniques and materials even new artists or lay people can make artworks. Scarfs, short Kurtis, T shirts, table top covers, upholstery and bed sheets all can be painted using techniques of painting and you can get a personalized unique artwork.

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