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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Art and Online Art Competitions

  There are many art competitions taking place and such events help the artist to get exposure for their works. It is advisable for the new artist to take part in more art competitions and to showcase their art works to as many people as possible. The more your art gets exposure the better. Let the world go on assessing and criticizing your work. Encourage critiques to offer advice as and when you get the opportunity. It may sometimes be difficult to handle but as the years go by you will see the difference in your art if you take genuine advice.
Many art galleries have online art space available for free. They have regular competitions and submissions and this is a great opportunity for showcasing your artworks to a wider audience. Don't go in for people who are there just to make fun of your art. Be selective with whom you talk during an exhibition as some people may leave you with loads of negativity and for sometime you may doubt why did I become an artists? or am I an artist? Don't worry go with your gut feelings and progress in your art. That does not mean to avoid getting opinions. It helps to study and learn some new techniques and also dabble with new styles to see what comes out best.
There are many galleries who display works of art for free or with a nominal fee. Try to take part in as many art competitions as possible as this is the only way to get known. Though your works may not sell in the beginning a few lucky ones get started soon by this way. Some artists win the competitions and may get to display for free in the gallery for some period. Some others offer to purchase the work of the artist as a winning tip. whereas some gallery owners promote the works selected of an artist to much bigger galleries and clients. As also some prominent members of the society are invited to select art in these competitions so you get to know senior artists as well as well known personalities of the society.Online competitions are a best way to get publicity and exposure without much investment and also who knows you may also end up selling few of your works!
                                             I have not selected has selected me!

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