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Monday, April 13, 2015

Life Size Horse Sculptures and Their energy symbolism Choosing large sized horse sculpture tips

Horses in any form, art, paintings sculptures,  are a great way to welcome strong energy and boost your career. When placed in the right feng shui element sector horses can work wonders to your career graphs and wealth.
Life sized sculptures are in vogue and many large homes and business corporate towers love to install this strong energy of horse at their entrances. These larger than life size horse sculptures ad statues of horses  not only have strong over powering energy but also act as protectors from negative energies.
Horses in any form, art, horse paintings, or horse sculptures  always symbolize energy and when placed in north attract great career luck. Its important to keep in mind certain feng shui healing principles when buying larger than life sized horse sculptures-
1) Larger than life sized horses have strong presence, keep them in places with care. Symbols to welcome good luck outside entrances. Angry emotions in horse sculptures must be avoided as also fighting positions.
2) Avoid keeping larger sized horse sculptures in bedroom and dining rooms. The feng shui energy in these rooms is yin and they will clash with the yang energy of horses.
3) Choosing larger than life sized horse sculptures , less is more. Do not choose nine horses or more as they will bring strong force,  energy that may completely  over power your strength to focus.
4) For a single large sized horse sculpture north and north west is great.
5) Metal large sized horse sculptures can be placed in your feng shui prosperity corner. Winged horses are good for inviting heaven luck.
6) Never sit below the large sized horse sculpture legs, it brings a crushing energy.
7) In corporate and business plazas larger than life sized horse sculptures are best at entrances and north west. Larger than life sized horse sculptures are great for large towers and big areas and corporate business plazas, as they symbolize career luck
8) The energy of horses symbolically  coming in and not going out of the place where they are put.
9) Life sized and larger than life sized horse sculptures are not for everyone. For the weak hearted people , sensitive and emotional  people, even the smaller versions bring in the same symbolism and good luck energy.
Crushing Stamping charging  horse larger than life sized sculptures must be placed with care
No doubt a larger than life sized horse statue sculpture is a decor modern style statement and also a strong message to the universe that you are serious to welcome luck and wealth!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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