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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Healing Art opens the mind body and spirit for healing Meaning of Opening the Heart Reiki Symbol

"Opening our hearts", acceptance is the miracle word. Reiki symbols guide us to go through the process of healing faster and make way for a vibrant future. Each one goes through life's experiences but only on acceptance do other doors open, a pure light that leads to happiness, harmony and peace.
No I do not say there will be no problems in life, it is our attitude that will change, towards each experience. Some where along the road a positive energy always begins to move with us guiding us and sending hope from what would have been a disastrous situation some time back.
Symbols are a physical form that can be viewed by eyes and many of us require something physical to connect with. No wonder since ages symbols of hope, spirituality, religion have made places in our Hearts and homes.
"Mental blocks" is what you must have heard of, is one of the most dangerous reasons for not getting healed. Understanding this term, simply means your heart and mind is closed and not willing to accept situations, people and circumstances.
More so I have also observed over the years that these blocks often lead to chronic diseases and body gives out this stored negative energy in many unexpected forms. More so it appears as chronic diseases that even after taking best medications are not healed.
Healing art, symbols, in simpler terms,  it is a friend, partner all along that assists us in our daily lives and helps us to lead a confident and well adjusted life.
A connection between the healer, the healee and the Universal life force is what brings about miraculous changes in life.
Difficult too express in words, simply put you will feel more happiness and enjoy life from heart!
A Swirl of Healing , Mixed Media Healing Painting on paper Rizwana A.Mundewadi
That is  the POWER of Healing art!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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