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Thursday, April 21, 2016

What to do With Horse Paintings having Wrong Bad Feng Shui Energy Negative Horse paintings in Feng Shui

What to do with horse paintings that are confusing, not in harmony, and emitting negative energy?
While all the love for horses and buying paintings with horses, just after you hang this on your walls. things may not be working out so good and you begin to doubt the Feng Shui energy coming from your horse paintings.
So many of you are confused and on observing their paintings the horses do have sad eyes, angry galloping postures and all moving in so many different directions that when this is hung in your living room space all the family members take their own way creating discord and disharmony in your family life.
Horse Shoe Luck Feng Shui Painting 6.5x9.5 Inches Acrylic on paper, Raz
What will you do with these horse paintings?
1) Remove them immediately from your space. Once you know about its harmful effects , just wishing  they w ll go away does not work. The paintings will keep emitting negative enrage directed towards you and your family.
2) If you can part with this ok, but please don't gift this to anyone, it would be like you are dumping your negative energy on some one else, remember ,karma does not forget address!
3) Keeping it in store room or cupboards does not solve the problem as it will definately take energy in your mind, contributing to feng shui clutter.
4) If you know the artist , from where you have purchased this art, maybe you can request them to retouch, redo some parts to make the painting in harmony.
5) You can also ask the artist for another piece if they understand.
6) Every thing in life has tow sides, just like a coin. What is harmful for one space can work wonders to another. Dead end spaces in your home can benefit from paintings of horses moving in all directions energy.
7) Gloomy dark corners that affect life adversely can also benefit from strong energy of horses.
8) Avoid sad eyes, incomplete horses, fighting horses, too many unnatural colors horses, lonely horses in all matters. Best to remove these paintings, for they will do more harm than good.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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1 comment:

  1. Hello Rizwana,

    I've got two horses one in dark brown wooden and the other in copper / bronze metal, both are standing on thier hind legs facing thier respective left.

    Where do I place these two in my office and facing what direction?

    The main door of my office is on the west and opens to the eastplease advice.

    Sridhar Iyer


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