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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How art can heal Symbols of Forgiveness is a Powerful word Chinese symbol of Forgiveness

Symbols of forgiveness, when displayed can help alleviate healing. Quotes and thoughts expressed by famous motivational speakers and spiritual leaders all come down to one word, forgiveness. This is the most powerful word that I have noticed helps one to accept so many things, people and situations. Forgiveness opens new energies for us to clear the past battles and negative blocks and opens us for a welcoming new vibrant future.
Chinese symbols are special characters that are written with strokes , lines,  that form an image in themselves. A simple character has a long explanation and meaning in words. Beautiful symbols help to connect the mind and brain to focus on the images.Understanding symbolism behind these helps the mind body and spirit to heal faster. A gradual progress in my art, from simple shapes to lines  to symbols have brought about a spiritual healing from within and thus making me open up as a channel to spread healing.
Karmic Healer Forgiveness energy healing art Rizwana

All Around There is Love Healing Art Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Beautiful healing of the Soul , Contemporary Modern Healing Art Rizwana A.Mundewadi
The one word changes lives. Forgiveness comes only after a long process of acceptance of every human being is going through their own battles, life journey. Forgiving some one is the most difficult thing and that one barrier that stops progress. Forgiveness does not have to be that you become friends with those. It is just that things dont matter so much after the heart accepts.  In fact there is a different type of feeling, emotion for those who have done wrong or somehow  affected your life adversely.   I have come to understand and accept that each one is just playing their own role. Just what has been given to them. Its just a matter of luck some come as friends and some as teachers!
Reiki has helped me a lot in overcoming my life struggles...once that I was so quiet , people notice have bloomed into an awesum individual!
Observing and surrounding your self with symbols are a great reminder for your life journey and helps to keep focus in life.
Chinese symbol for forgiveness
Forgiveness the Karmic Healer
Forgive , to pardon, the Pictogram, Chinese symbol of forgiveness, suggests that heart is made for forgiveness. putting yourself in others shoes, understanding and thus bringing about an energy of letting go. My healing art is always a beautiful energy combination of Reiki and Chinese Characters.
Thank you and God Bless from Rizwana!

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