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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Horse Sculptures and Paintings Not working for you

 Horse Sculptures and Paintings are Not working for you, your  Home, and why do some horse paintings not work the way you expect them to? Horse energy is the best and strongest one as in feng shui these are symbols of strength, speed, honour, success and positive energy. Horses love some spaces and when a good horse painting is hung here show great results fast here. In other places these horses in your paintings act in a bizzare fashion.
Which Horse Sculptures and Paintings are Not Good for your Home
People share experiences like confusion, sudden job loss, more wealth going out of the home than coming in, arguments and tussles in the family, people talking bad behind you and many such not so good effects.  Sometimes these horse paintings are removed as last resort for the ill luck.
No hard feelings and with due respect to all artists who love to paint horses, the shapes, numbers and postures of horses in your paintings affects the energy they bring out.
A horse does not always bring good luck, if it is not placed properly.
1) Horse is angry and in stamping posture and hung facing towards door.
2) Horse are abnormal and incomplete and in unreal colors.
3) Horses are alone.  Horse eyes look sad.
4) Horses are hung in at the end of a passage, dead end areas in home.
5) Horses are hung facing too many doors, so the energy coming is divided.
6) Horses are grazing on grass and eating up your wealth if placed in south east.
Buying horse paintings go in for simple ones and lay utmost importance on the expressions of the horse rather than the backgrounds as this is more important.
Hope this helps, do share your experiences!
All the Best from Rizwana! 

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