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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Grazing Horses painting Symbolism and Feng Shui Analysis

Grazing horses artwork feng shui painting symbolism
Grazing horse or horses in groups eating grass is also one of the most loved horse painting as they are serene and peaceful horses with a lot of calm energy and they are usually seen with lowered heads and engrossed in their own activity, eating.
Horses are seen in any number from a single horse to two, three or many more and also we see a lot of different backgrounds in the landscape paintings  with grazing horses.
Never hang grazing horses paintings in south east that is your wealth area as they will symbolically gradually eat up your wealth. Again select the horse paintings with care as the colors may represent wealth or turn your wealth into ashes. Always take care to hang horse paintings with the horses facing inwards ,that is energy coming towards your home and never away from the house.
Another aspect coming up is also that the horses grazing in the painting are in a quiet serene mode and engrossed in their own activity representing aloofness and loneliness sometimes, bringing about an energy making the individual alone or left out from the family and friends. Usually such individuals tend to work alone and this may have two options, either the person succeeds by being focused in their work or they tend to not involve anyone which may sometimes lead to low profits and less business and wealth coming in due to lack of creative outputs from other sources.
The most important space that will affect your wealth and fame is when you display grazing horses lowered heads in south or south east. Both sectors are very important for fame as well as wealth coming in and as the horses grazing in the painting are symbolically eating up the energy from here , they tend to symbolically eat up your wealth as well as your reputation attracting low key name as well as less profits in work and business.
Usually if you are selecting horse paintings to attract energy, wealth and  good business wealth and prosperity try to select galloping horses painting that too with happy emotions, and if you love grazing animals horse paintings try to hang it on a wall where you require quiet soothing energy, like the north east where you meditate or sit to get a clear picture of your goals and life aims.
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Hope this helps, All the Best from Rizwana!

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