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Friday, April 17, 2015

Some One Copied my original Painting and Posted Online Copyright issues with paintings online

Original paintings uploaded online for viewers, sad that people copy this and expect their lives to change. Such short cuts may lead to a few sales but will not go far. Karma is one thing which catches up sooner than expected.

Sneha Joshi, cant even call her an artist,  has copied exactly same and uploaded my original painting in her absolute portfolio as her own. What more the copied artwork is on canvas and even copied the whole descriptions, my words! 
People while choosing healing artists and healing art please check out on the back ground of the artists well and then put your hard earned money in their art. I can show you definite changes in three months or my art back!
I have sent an email and also complained to the online art gallery, lets hope the painting is removed soon and some action taken for the artist! 
The Lucky Pot by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
It is today very easy to down load paintings, images and tamper them. Make them their own. Change some tit bits here and there. But always remember the karmic way for such people is too short and karma does catch up real soon, very sooner than expected!
Becoming healing artist was not my choice, and believe me I have paid a price and always do while healing others. Its not easy! No I am not complaining, but its just than feels real sad when people insult my art, by copying it, and that too wrongly. And hope to make a career out of this copied art. 
Still this issue has not been handled properly. As artists make art, original art, really difficult to paint years and years spending so much efforts, time, money, and resources. Even art insurance has not been taken top priority today as many paintings are damaged during transport,exhibitions in different countries,and of course sad but also due to natural disasters like floods and rains. 
Then some artists also complain about galleries not taking care of their paintings after the exhibition is over. 
Some artists find their art lying in open spaces, it can also get robbed or stolen or damaged by any one.

Copy right issues do come up, but still the grey market continues, with people selling copied art!  but I don't have to do anything,  karma takes care of everything!
 All the Best from Rizwana!

This is the original painting that has been copied!


  1. Its so sad that this happens to artists! but guess the web is like that! God will make a way

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. hi could u advice me regards 5 horse painting please...

  4. hi could u advice me regards 5 horse painting please...

  5. Kavi what do you want to know about horse artworks? , I have shared so much on my blog posts, please read it!

  6. Hopefully Thank God the details are removed from the online gallery absolute

  7. But artists stoop so low in copying art of others, they cant even copy it right! leave aside making original art! She has removed the artwork copy of my original painting from her portfolio! But who knows once she is on the wrong way again she may take the easy road!


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