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Thursday, April 2, 2015

How to Add Earth Energy in your Home with Modern Contemporary Furniture Decor How to use Brick Wall in Modern Decor

How to Add Earth Energy in your Home with Modern Contemporary Furniture  Decor has become an important issue today with people living in high rises , towers and far away from the grounding earth energy.
Brick Wall with "Tower of Fame" and "Respect"
While we enjoy the cool breeze and awesum sky in high rise buildings, inviting heaven energy it is gradually coming notice that earth energy is getting depleted.
Right from people cutting trees and making homes to removing the mangroves and the green covers thus creating an imbalance in our environment.
Earth energy is very important to feel focussed, healthy and more productive. It is a direct result in bringing in healthy relationships and positive chi around.
With the modern decor and trends moving from eco friendly wood, there is hardly any earth energy available in our space today. People hardly realize that it is very easy to invite and balance energy in any space with a little judicious selection of decor elements.
1) Have nature in side. Plant some plants yes these bring in awesum earth energy and feng shui luck. Except in bedroom.
Adenium good luck plants
This was my terrace garden few years back today it is fully loaded
2) Choose colors of earth, beige, browns, yellows and ochre that have the colors, energy of earth in your wall and decor.
Beige and shades of brown on walls
3) Have a mix of modern and traditional furniture. This way you can add up antique lovely wood pieces of furniture/ earth energy,  with your modern contemporary decor.
4) Choose flooring of earthy tones, tiles carpets and rugs or throw rugs can be in colors representing of earth energy.
5) Add up the focal point walls with bricks, Bricks have awesum earth energy. baked and made naturally bricks have amazing stored fire and earth energy. Add paintings and artworks with base of brick walls to increase their healing energies.
How to use bricks in modern decor-
Bricks when we hear, people shy away but these are great earth energy stores and inviting earth luck.
Stones and bricks have earthy tones from browns to rust shades depending upon the heat processes they have gone through and are very soothing to the body and soul.
Bricks come in plenty of colors and shades and natural bricks are also colored to make them more vibrant sturdy and go along with your modern decor. They are made tough and durable with extra treatments today to have long shelf life. Colored and hand painted bricks can become creative canvasses to display your precious costly artworks and paintings.
You can use bricks in your decor in so many ways thus inviting feng shui earth luck and healing energies.
"Turquoise Evil eye cure" on black painted bricks wall 

Colored Bricks in Vibrant Magenta color with "Copper Wealth"

1) walls of bricks., one wall or all walls of a room.
2) Seating arrangements , settees, stools or square cubes of cement and bricks.
3) Kitchen platforms counter base for dining , can be made of bricks to add up to your good health feng shui.
4) Gardens can be lined up with bricks and brick gravel to get the best feng shui earth energy.
5) Bricks can add up in offices as well as conference rooms as counter for tables blending with modern decor. Try this, all creative juices will start flowing!
Bricks crushed textured walls in pink with "Charmed Possessions'

All the Best from Rizwana!
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