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Monday, April 27, 2015

Healing Relationship with your mother on this mothers day with unique special gift

Mothers day gifts,each one searching for something unique to bring that smile on your mothers face. Mothers have taken care of us and when they grow old, with age comes childishness, disillusionment and maybe temper tantrums. If your mother is old, they have seen most of the best things in life, so it becomes really difficult to bring that smile on her face! Every year we search and search but end up with the same gifts some how, making this as a ritual and she really wishes you don't spend any more on her with the same things.
As many working couples are so busy with their hectic schedules this day comes as a reminder to take some time out for your parents. No doubt the best gift at an old age is to spend some quality time with her and making this a memorable day with memories to carry on for the year. Gifting her a unique special healing artwork will definitely bring a smile on her face as it will be made specially for her.
With times she may not be able to go along and some times even thought we want to,  we find it difficult to communicate and express how much we love her. Gifts on mothers day are a small way to heal this relationship and if you choose a memorable heart touching one that sure goes a long way to heal the relationships with your mother.
In feng shui the sector for relationships and elders falls in the east. If you have a strained relationship with your parents and elders at home you must activate this sector and heal the relationships. This not only brings happiness and peace but also heals your karma.
Healing relationships while you can is easier when your parents are alive, and helps either sides, even your mother will feel at peace and be able to express the love that , maybe she has forgotten with age and her health problems.
Small Sized Framed Healing Paintings as Mothers Day Unique Gifts
Why is it necessary to heal these relationships? because they are in some or other way linked to your life, your progress and your happiness and peace of mind. Some times past life karmic issues get carried over in the next life if not healed and those relationships come with new life and experiences to heal the past. Trying harder to communicate my not be of help if these blocks of energy are not unblocked. Healing symbols and universal energy can help to heal relationships and make way for new positive energy.
How will you know the effects? gradually your irritable, cranky sometimes/most of the times angry mother may become friendly, loving caring and be able to communicate her needs in a better manner. She will be seen at peace and acceptance with herself as well as others. Talking to her will no longer be a stressful act for you and this will indicate that the relationship has begun to heal.  And of course with the healed relationship, you will wait eagerly for the next Mothers day, I bet!
For customized unique abstract soothing colors healing art Mothers day gifts, contact me so I can help here!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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