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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Low Energy Rooms Use Art for improving energy of boring rooms

Rooms influence our moods, yes colors and art on your walls can influence strongly on your mind and bring about that type of energy. Over ages colors on your walls have been a symbol of your personal preferences and so does the artwork that you hang on your walls. Boredom and low energy rooms are what we all have seen and experienced in our lives and never really gone down to find the reason about this emotions.
There are some businesses that flourish and some just don’t work out even when highly qualified employees and staff, one of  the reasons can be the work place rooms or the space for creative outputs and inputs.
Low energy rooms often lead to energy drain and people feel more tired soon being here. Individuals also feel low energy and boredom crops in during meetings and company discussions thus nothing constructive may come up which can directly influence profits and success of your company. Greys and light colours usually tend to bring an energy of boredom. Some earth colors like beige in wrong shades can also bring about low energy. Even the color reds when in wrong shades and hues can be a disaster of energy for any room. 
Usually following colour theory dull colors and some low energy colours can have an effect on the mind relaxing it too much or numbing the brain thus bringing in boredom. Work spaces need vibrant energy colors and art that can start the creative juices flowing at meetings for getting some constructive results and strategies. The west sector according to feng shui is the area corresponding to he creative energies. White walls are great positive starters but they look barren without some colorful art.
Artworks can instantly hit the senses and change the energy of any room where they are displayed thus bringing about an energy change in the viewer. Colors and symbols used effectively for bringing about positivity, good luck, peace, harmony and prosperity can transform the company profile from one of down sales to one of being in the line. The creative teams of company can benefit immensely by viewing some good motivational symbolic art.
When people say energy they immediately; say red , orange , walls and paint them with these colors for getting energy for the team. This may backfire as strong colors for walls can become over powering and these energy colors in wrong measures can do more harm to your mind then benefit. Healing art is an combination of balanced energies , symbols and colors so that every viewer can benefit from the energies only positively. There is no danger of over dose or imbalance.
These are not magical cures but the art when viewed will bring about a change in your thought processes and make the mind more open to new ideas ,concepts and discussions. Healing art can benefit low energy rooms by uplifting the energy by use of colors, symbols and images used in the works of art.
Make way for a more energetic , happy, positive , successful life. Surround yourself with some healing art.
All the Best!

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