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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Reiki Symbol Healing paintings immensely benefit children symbolic paintings for children's benefit

Reiki Symbol Healing paintings immensely benefit children. When used for children in their study rooms or play rooms or bedrooms helps them to study better and perform well and also excel in other fields and enjoy good health. For customized healing paintings some times a healer can also follow special Aura sensing, aura scanning and aura healing can be done by using reiki energy. The healer can detect problems in the aura and heal the chakra and thus help to cure the problem or disease by involving certain Reiki symbols and colors  in their healing artworks. 
Contemporary Aum Protection Painting for Childrens room

Designed to Spread Smiles Reiki Healing for any room

Education Luck Tower for Childrens room by Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Children finding it difficult to focus on studies, suffering from poor grades, wanting to apply for scholarships, trying for higher education by foreign institutes, and even kinder garden children who are irritable and cranky can benefit immensely by healing art and lead a balanced and enjoyable childhood.

Circular Happiness  Childrens room painting

For children who are weak in health feng shui paintings help to attract certain good energies in their life and they are guided and motivated in the right direction by beginning to accept advice of parents, eat better and sleep better.
In the play areas of children one can improve the creativity energy by following feng shui and enhance the creative energies of the brain. All energy paintings can only be used for benefit and never for harm. There is also no chance of over dose while getting this shower of positivity by viewing symbols everyday.
What more these Reiki symbolic feng shui healing paintings will benefit everyone viewing them and thus help every family member in achieving their life goals and be in peace and well balanced.
Surround yourself with positive energy and work with the universe to achieve your goals. Help your child to achieve their maximum capacity in education, health and wealth. 
Take Care and God Bless!
All the Best from Rizwana

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