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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Benefits of Soul Healing Symbolic Reiki Feng Shui Paintings Why does the soul need to heal

Soul healing is the most important thing to be considered. With technology and electronic gadgets we are moving away from mother earth. We stay in sky scrapers and have forgotten the fresh scent of wet mud that is experienced from the first rain! We are so busy commuting to and fro to work and earn money, still it is never sufficient. The reason for this is we do not accept that our universe has everything in abundance. There is no need to struggle. Pray and have faith. This has lost the essence since we have lost faith. Doesn't the bird start its day without any knowledge from where it will get food? it has faith only on its wings, it flies in search of food. In Islam it has been quoted often that mankind has to go in search of food. This rat race will come to an end only on having faith in the grace of God.
Active Orange Healing of Chakras and Karmic Blocks

Beautiful Healing of the Soul by Rizwana
Art is soothing, relaxing, cathartic and aesthetic. There are many attributes given to art. A painting when viewed takes one to another world. The viewer goes into deep thinking and is transferred to another realm. Healing art is one of the ways to help a person heal from within. It is known that our aura consists of many layers. We take medicines for sickness and feel right. But does the soul heal? many times the same problems keep erupting and this becomes a chronic disease. Here healing art can help along with medicines to promote the well being and peace of mind.

The feelings of emptiness and vacuum are created when a person starts feeling alone when in group. This is a sign of the higher calling. The soul though may have achieved a lot of health, wealth and family may not have still got to the right purpose it was sent for. Each soul has its own journey and until this is achieved there will always be this emptiness and vacuum.
Feng shui and Reiki symbol art can help one to relax, connect and meditate on the healing energies from these artworks and thus find the right direction and purpose for its presence.
Enjoy life to the fullest by being surrounded by symbols of peace, happiness, and a great life. The human brain has immense power which most of us never use and this energy goes untapped. Symbolic healing paintings help to connect this power of self to the universe , it acts like a bridge and helps one to achieve their life goals.

There may not be miracles but a slow change of progress can be seen over some months of being surrounded by these beautiful symbols. Everytime a negative energy comes in or negative thought comes up the viewer will be reminded by the higher purpose of its existence , their goals, by viewing these artworks and thus come back to working towards achieving their goals and of their family
A gradual improvement in health, wealth and success of you and your family will be seen and even most problems coming up will be helped to dissolve sooner and easily.

Sickness of the Soul Healing Paintings
We have heard of many diseases and medicines but there is an unknown unaccepted sickness which is vastly seen but never diagnosed or treated, sickness of the soul. Soul has its different journey and many of us are made to follow the rest of the world as other do. Most of the times there are no problems and one leads the life according to the norms of society. The issue arises when the individual even when has wealth and health and a great family finds something in life missing.
The universe has a role for everyone. A different journey, thus we see  as one may be happy with a simple monthly income by doing what they love and the other even when earning in crores still is dissatisfied with life.  Sickness of the soul is manifested in many forms of symptoms. Physical symptoms may be in form of some chronic disease, some fears, some undiagnosed pains, some other problems like hair loss, skin problems, heart problems, and many diseases are often connected with the souls wish to come out from this. So however much everyone tries to help them they will not get healed and even medicines work slowly in healing processes when the individual does not have the inner desire to heal.
  Each healing painting is done with positive intentions  tuned to the positive energy force. Each artwork is done keeping in mind the individual aspects of life that may need healing. Even sick people suffering from diseases on exposure to healing paintings will recover much faster as their soul will have a will to get better. Many healing  artworks are mostly for sickness of soul as we can see many people dissatisfied with life. They may have lots of money, property, houses, family but still there is some empty feeling. Here is the place where the soul is empty. This healing art will help them to reconnect them to their original nature, the one which God has given them, the mask created for the world will break and the true shy, hidden soul will emerge. One will find a very new and happy contended individual after the healing process. Hence I encourage viewers to display these artworks on walls where they can get daily dose of positivity The more exposure to the healing paintings the better healing. 

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