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Friday, May 30, 2014

Buying Paintings in Turquoise color Tips Turquoise Color Abstract Painting Buying Suggestions

Turquoise a beautiful spiritual color having two energies combined and hence a beautiful color is a combination of the cool blue and the green colors. With turquoise being selected as the pantone color of the year turquoise is ruling on walls and in art alike. Always not possible to paint walls turquoise so go in for a turquoise colored artwork to bring in this beautiful turquoise energy. 
Green is considered the best color in any artwork as it falls in the centre of the color spectrum and also represents the heart chakra. The green color achieved is the balance of cool and warm colors on the color scale and hence it falls in the centre of the scale. From red, orange and yellow then comes green which is followed by light blue, dark blue indigo, violet purple.
Turquoise artworks must only be selected when you love the color and some feel the color is cool and recedes, goes back. Only turquoise in art becomes boring but highlights of gold and silver can raise the level of the artwork . In modern art we see a lot of contemporary colors and turquoise is coming up as a beautiful color in art and fashion.
Buying Paintings in Turquoise color

Wall color is of utmost importance for the successful look of any turquoise colored art. A dark dull wall can be brightened up with a bright turquoise and a beautiful colored wall also can be spoiled by the wrong shade of turquoise in art. Turquoise is often termed as dull and boring or quiet color  but in the right shade it can speak volumes for your space. With added white and bright shades of turquoise along with mango colored shaded walls can work wonders to the space.
Usually turquoise is combined with warm colors to create magic and textured effect. Reds oranges and yellows go very well with turquoise and walls that are white or soothing yellow ochre can be perfect for turquoise colored artworks. White walls and off whites create a different ambience to your space with beautiful shades of turquoise. 
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Take Care and God Bless you from Rizwana!
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