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Friday, May 16, 2014

Is Your Child Scared of the Artwork in His Room? Is Your Child spending more time away from their room

Children’s bedroom is a special place for your children to live as they spend most of the time here, playing, sleeping, reading and studying as well as watching TV. The concept of separate children’s room has come up for children to be independent , be responsible for their own things and also take responsibility for their academic grades at an early age. Along with latest contemporary furniture and hired interior designers for your home so also is the children’s bedroom decked up with special latest objects and walls decorated with the things they love.
Water Lillies by Rizwana
Observing lately children’s bedroom are decorated with themed décor and the walls are also customized with art that the child loves, usually fairly tale characters and cartoon characters rock. Art pieces on walls in children’s bedroom usually are colorful, maybe geometric and also pop art. Latest décor and objects of art are finding prominent space in the little ones rooms.  
While the costliest décor and art is brought for your most prized little one how does the child look up at this room? If your child is not getting good nights sleep, is cranky, irritable, wanting to spend more time with you, or away from their room, its time to look at the feng shui energy of the  art hanging in their  rooms or walls.
1) Paintings and wall art look great in day light but has a totally different look at night, especially cartoon characters and fairies that may seem to come alive! In partial light, night light the images may look distorted or blurry or larger than size with reflective light.
2) Children love these characters but the influence of these programmes, comics, or games, may creep during their sleep when they view these images before sleeping, affecting their precious sleep.
3) Glow stickers of solar system is the most commonest one which parents love to install in their children’s room. What if the child does not like the solar system? There is another interpretation to the vastness of the huge black sky, the feeling of being left alone under the open sky may not be a great feeling for every child.
4) Scenery and birds in paintings are another one which may install fear in your child if not properly selected. In feng shui mountains are considered very auspicious and such symbols are used to uplift health energy as well as family relationships energy in your home. Children have a different take on this, when such an artwork is hung above the bed or in front of the bed,  as they may feel a large mountain of difficulties, or problems , or the mountain over poweringly coming over them while they sleep.
5) Study area falls in the north east and having book shelf here is very auspicious. Having a place for everything and every book is very important .  Art near the book shelf of cartoons or fantasy may divide attention while studying and affect their concentration. Having inspirational motivational art here can help to improve grades and concentrate better on studies.
6) Water luck is activated by water symbols but it is not a very good thought to have huge water paintings or serene landscape paintings in the children’s bedroom. Energy is required and that too in controlled form. Too much reds and oranges the child will not get good sleep and too much pastel shaped in art and walls the child will not have energy to play and study well.
Choose the right type of art for your children’s bedroom and most of all what the child loves. Colors that the child loves, images that they are passionate about and characters that are role models,  along with the feng shui symbolism and understanding of energy can uplift your child’s life from an ordinary to a great one. 
Also the best feng shui area representing beneficial energy for children is west, to activate in their room is the west, hang their pieces of art as with this you will attract more luck, creativity energy and good academic results as well as give them a feeling of having the space of their own.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
Thank You!
All the Best from Rizwana! 

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