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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dark Wooden Furniture Brighten Up your Home with some colorful Art

Dark wooden furniture still is loved by many for the sheer reason of its antique and old charm. Wood has and will always be the first choice in furniture for your home or office. Even according to feng shui wood is an element which needs to be maximum in our homes as humans need to be close to nature and the element wood brings us more close to nature.
Dark polished wooden furniture tends to bring a gloomy energy sometimes making the furniture pieces stark dark and aloof from the interior design of your home. Each wooden piece looks separate and the whole decor might look into small pieces with breaks in energy with every piece of dark polished wood furniture.
Art for rooms with  Dark Wood Furniture
Victorian style furniture looks great with style but to blend in todays contemporary interior d├ęcor you can hang some contemporary colorful art on the walls to brighten up the rooms. Dark furniture can make the room small and more so large sized sofa sets, recliners and seating arrangement furniture in wood can make the room look full and over powering.
With dark colored wooden furniture opt for pale colored wall paints and avoid textured walls and too much designs on the walls. Having too much texture in form of dark colored curtains of embellished upholstery and cushions will make the room over powering and uncomfortable to sit in  especially the living room or bedroom. For such dark colored furniture have colorful single piece artwork that will try to bring focus on the piece of art.  Abstract symbolic, or contemporary geometric art can go very well to make the decor of your room from overpowering to a balanced one.
The love of wood is and will always be among the furniture lovers and when you have wooden furniture you can also opt for a lighter shade polish like golden brown, or having maroon reddish colored polished furniture. But still if you love dark polish on your wooden furniture then go in for some colorful artwork on the walls to brighten the room.
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