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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cubism Symbolic Prosperity Pot Painting pure luck white chrysanthemums Attract Goodluck Feng Shui Painting

Feng shui Prosperity pots, my favorite subject in painting. Pots a symbol of prosperity and abundance in this colorful prosperity pot painting the Chinese calligraphy symbols in red color bring out a raised effect to the symbols as warm colors come forwards creating an interesting view.
Cubism an art of making all the squares as a whole complete, breaking them into small squares, some large some small , and then they merge into a beautiful piece. As I began with colorful cubism the as the backdrop of this artwork and I have painted many small cubism sacred geometry artworks on paper and this one is large sized good luck pot painting on oil sketch paper.
Symbols used are symbolic for harmony, good luck, wealth, health, prosperity, wisdom, peace, I move forward with symbols of love, happiness and lucky long life. The backdrop of cubism represent various aspect of life by the use of color symbolism in this beautiful pot painting for good luck and prosperity.
White chrysanthemums have always been considered a symbol of happiness and peace. Though I have painted many pots empty and many filled with water, symbol of wealth in  feng shui this panting of feng shui good luck prosperity Pot I felt a floral addition, and that too of a beautiful serene flowers, chrysanthemums rule as a symbol of happiness and while I choose the white color to depict peace and hope, this color adds up to the beauty of this good luck pot artwork.
Hanging this Pure Luck White Chrysanthemums painting in the right place in home or office will attract positive energies into your life , and as this is a good luck painting it will affect positively and show changes to all aspects of your life and environment.
You can buy this painting from my website Shipping is free.
 Pure Luck White Chrysanthemums
Thank you.
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  2. Thank you Sacred Geometry, for coming by Razarts, and the encouraging words. Take Care and God Bless!


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