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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Large Wall Small art Interesting Gallery wall Ideas with 23 Photos for displaying affordable small art

Large wall, and you have a collection of small paintings, they will just get lost on the vastness of the wall. With original art coming at a price it may not always be possible to add up huge pieces of original paintings to your modern decor. Try a collection of smaller paintings and get the impressionable gallery wall!
Budget decor ideas with modern art , with my 17 years of passionately painting art, I have tried so many different combinations with art displays and my home actually is a mini art gallery!
sharing few interesting ideas with large wall and small sized original paintings.
Thicker Black coloured wooden frames make small art appear larger in size
Try a brick wall! browns bring out an energy of holding small art well popping out of the wall!
Choose a great wall paper background for  small healing artworks
Choose Dark Purple Dark Blue Dark Green wall colour for small a rt.
Intricate patterns and designer frame for small sized healing art
Choose art with minimalist style and bold colors they stand out well on large walls
Choose black colored frame with white mounts, they make art appear larger
Make a background wall! textured, abstract, wall papered! for small sized healing art
Go with your decor colour, interesting stark contrasts with small sized art for large wall
Choose minimalist and different form of art try 3D framing
Choose same colored artworks and display together alongside
Sparkling Glittering Mounts for small sized calligraphy meditation healing art

Choose one large sized artwork and other smaller ones for a interesting enteryway

Use large dark framing options for small sized healing art

Make interesting combinations with different sized healing art

Go bold with feng shuii framing styles for small sized minimalist healing art

elegant colored healing artwork for a beautiful healing urban study space wall

Interesting framing options for your gallery wall of minimalist small sized healing art

Modern framing options for small sized same coloured healing art display

Grey walls bring out the best in small sized meditation calligraphy artworks

Stark black wall contrasts in urban bedroom decor with small sized healing art

Brown Textured wall with colored small sized healing art

Interesting Distressed frames with small healing art
23 great , interesting display options with small sized healing art. Have your own gallery wall, in your budget. Search for old frames, distressed wood furniture and amke your own frames. Go with your home decor and choose the metal frame or go in for bolder thicker darker frames for small sized healing art. Make that dream gallery wall with small original art or art prints displayed in interesting combinations and frames.
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