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Friday, February 13, 2015

Thane Art Festival 2015 Amazing Crowds Art Paintings Music Live Concerts Fun

Thane Art Festival 2015 Amazing Crowds Art Paintings Music Live Concerts  Fun!
The much awaited Thane Art Festival, coinciding with the Kala Ghodas Art festival began yesterday from 13th February 2015 and will continue for the next two days. 13th, 14th, 15th February 2015.
So while I had visited the Kala Ghoda Art Festival and shared here about the amazing experiences with art, here again there is a lot of excitement fun happiness and crowds!
And my precious healing Reiki painting " I Am GOLD" is also selected to be displayed here. Awesum crowds and it feels great when people collect click with your art, and gives another great happy energy when they see me and are so encouraging and so with loads of best wishes and praises day one completed!
The selected painting to be displayed in Thane Art Festival

Installations and Sculptures Arrangements a day before

Opening ceremony of The Art Festival

Opening of Thane Art Festival 13 to 15th February 2015

Art in Thane Art Festival

Immense Happiness I AM GOLD!

The Section of Spiritual Art

Stalls in Thane Art Festival

Live Art Painting Demonstrations  Thane Art Festival

Artist At Work Thane Art Festival
The Thane Art Festival organized by Jitendra Awhad, MLA of Maharashtra,  awesum human being and Thane Art Festival sponsor, and amazing groups of students in yellow tees arranging, running from here to there, allotting duties,  and organizing with tons of stress but still immense excitement so the hum drum was all done in a week, the led screens lights and awesum entrances! The space selected is great for the art fest 90 feet road, and what was a miracle its just near my home!
Those staying near Thane are welcome and of course all around the globe, a lot of art, paintings, art, and amazing sculptures and installations!As the word spreads people from all ages are coming, enjoying, from 80 year old to young little ones and from rich to poor and from students to senior artists. Workshops and live art performances. And of course live band( my son's band is also going to perform)  and musical performances by eminent artists and music stalwarts!
So while I have clicked loads of photos will share later!
All the Best and God Bless from Rizwana!

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