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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lighting for Your Artworks and All That Remains Is Love my new Reiki abstract art

Lighting for your precious paintings is absolutely essential for the right look for your art. No doubt when you buy an original artwork it is loved by you and also one that you wish to display in your personal space be it your home or office.

All That Remains Is Love
Lights can work wonders to your art on walls. A dull environment or low lightning can elevate or mar the effects and visual appearance of your paintings.

Beautiful healing of The Soul
 Focused lighting helps to bring out the best in the wall art and when appropriately selected give the art another added beauty. Lights for artworks are in thousands of varieties from simplistic to ornate ones serving different unique functions.
 From top ceiling installed lights to central lights to base ones and focused ones they each fulfill different functions.
My Latest Sufism Paintings
Without the proper lighting arrangements your artworks will look dull and not give out the desired effects and visual appeal to the eye. There may be some shadows, some dull parts and some too bright parts in your paintings without proper lighting. However unique the art and whatever you have paid for it if there is no proper lighting the effects are never the same, enjoy your awesum art with appropriate and best lighting arrangements!
All the Best from Rizwana!
(The paintings posted here are my original painting, frames are just for representative purposes,  'All That Remains is Love' acrylic on canvas board, 'Beautiful Healing of the Soul' acrylic on canvas board, 'I Dance to a Silent Tune', sufism artworks on oil sketch paper in acrylic)


  1. I think abstract and Aboriginal Art paintings look very decent. We can use these paintings for the decoration of official buildings. I just ordered a pretty Aboriginal Art painting for my study room. I am eagerly waiting for the delivery of my painting.

  2. Ricardokeith welcome to my Razarts! Thank you for coming by , I love your art gallery of aboriginal art, awesum artworks !
    Thank you and God Bless from Rizwana!


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