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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to Edit painting photographs Step by Step Process of editing of Painting Photographs some tips

How to edit photographs for display on the internet . With the whole world going digital, art is also online and many galleries have the facility to display artworks. There are websites for artists where they can display their art and which can reach a global audience.
Leaving  aside the trick of how to take great photographs, which we know is done by digital
camera (I will explain this in another post), choosing one of the highest resolution, even after taking the closest shot of your painting we always see there are some background remaining which does not give the photograph a good appearance for display. Here I explain step by step process in simple language of editing photographs after clicking for right images display.
1) Open the image from your folder of any one painting
The paintings photograph in your computer art folder
Microsoft Office Picture Editor
2) Top line go to Microsoft picture editor, click.
3) Select top bar edit pictures
Edit options for paintings photo
4) You will see a right hand side panel with options
Crop Option Selected
5) Select crop pictures. A black line comes on the page. With the mouse select the black line to the edge of your artwork image and leave aside all extra background that has come up in the photo.

Edit use Crop Option
6) Once done from all four sides remember to click OK other wise you will see no changes.
After Crop Image click OK Very Important

7) Now select brightness and sharpness contrast and here you have to go gradually lest you may spoil the image color and sharpness. Usually there is no need to edit color options with images taken in digital camera with proper lighting. 
8) Click on Save , very important. You can also save the image with this option as 'save as' and give the image a specific name of your artwork.
9)The final image of your artwork is ready to upload online.

Final Edited Neat Image of your painting ready to upload online
In this digital world we need to get sharp images of our works to be able to display and many online art galleries insist on a certain highest resolution pictures only for display in their online galleries, since they also sell art prints and here the highest resolution images of paintings the better the prints.
The Blue Sun, cubism symbolic abstract painting.

Meanwhile on with another symbolic artwork in progress, and the canvas on my wall" Embracing the Chaos" with another month beginning ,
Embracing The Chaos by Rizwana Mundewadi
looking at the beautiful canvas with a few strokes till date, this painting has begun on 31st December 2013 and hope to continue till end of this year that is December 31st 2014, InshaAllah. I had begun with warm colors red orange and then at the end of January the color turquoise had come up with a single straight stroke bang in the center of the canvas. 
Controlling the urge to splash paint over and finish the painting, umpteen ideas and colros in my mind, patience, this painting is a lesson in patience, focus. This time I have gone with spiritual colors vibrant blue, ultramarine blue and camlin blue loaded and royal color purple, the strokes look beautiful against the plain canvas, an innocent abstract work with an identity of its own)
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art
Thank You!
Take Care and God Bless!

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