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Monday, February 10, 2014

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Ends with much FanFare Art Food Tatoos and Installations

Elephants favorite symbols in art embroidery on cloth.
 Kala Ghoda arts festival ended With much fan fare.on 9th February 2014. With daily schedules appearing in the local newspapers people were kept at their toes right from kala ghoda till Asiatic library.
The famous art place Jehangir art gallery too had loads of visitors as the people who visited the kala ghoda festival also took a look at the art and the artist. Road diversions, traffic, people everywhere.
Traditional Kutchi artwork by Artisans
 Food cannot be left behind in any festival and even at the Kala Ghoda there were special cuisines to satisfy the hunger pangs. From snacks, soft drinks to even the humble sugar candy.
Charcoal Artist Demonstrating His Skills
 Artists demonstrated on the  road along with their works, and many were seen making portraits and drawings of  customers who wished to get their own personalized portraits and sketches, a cost of Rs 300. Small children were fidgety as parents wished to get their child's personalized portraits done. Artworks and drawings of some artists were available at a very cheap rate ranging from Rs 250 to a few thousands.
Collection of Ladies High Boots and Elite Footwear
 What a novelty, high boots, on the road, rare elite wonderful range of ladies footwear in leather.
Fancy Fashion Jewellery for Women
Another hit was the customized names bracelets and chokers. Necklaces and hand bands with the alphabets of names.
Getting Inked Tatoo making on road Kala Ghoda Festival
Getting inked on road, there were quite a few who got themselves inked at the Kala Ghoda arts festival as the tatoo artist looked quite busy .
Installations at Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2014

Art Sculpture at Kala Ghoda Festival

Art made of plastic , impressive artwork at Kala Ghoda Festival

Customized named bands and bracelets by Traditional artisans
 The cricket fans had a treat with the huge bat Sachin Tendulkar. people looked so happy clocking snaps along with the installations and sculptures, the huge Painted Guitars were great so also the Post Boxes.
Huge Bat  Sachin Tendulkar at Kala Ghoda Festival

Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2014
The most to enjoy during the day were collegiate and young crowd which later as the day advanced changed to a more art centric crowd.
The Jehangir Art Gallery too had many visitors , other than the only ones interested in art, as the ones who visited the Kala Ghoda Festival sure took a dekho at the art.
Impulsive art buyers and some serious art buyers were on the lookout for some great art. The miniature affordable were great , small sized artworks of landscapes , framed at Rs 250 each.
The Kala Ghoda Signature Campaign
With the festival coming in news for wrong reasons there was signature campaign to save the festival as of complaints received to stop the festival on roads.
Even after so many years the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is celebrated with the same enthusiasm and fanfare. There are artists who wait to display their art for the whole year and to participate even with a small stall , some make customized artworks for sale at the festival and some waiting for public exposure at a vast level.
wish the festival luck, and many many years of such happiness and being a great opportunity to artists continue...
 as notices of Do Not Photograph   were all around but public did not heed nor did the artists take any objection as they were happy to get happy visitors look at their art!

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