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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Soul Healing painting for Success and Happiness Colorful Cubism Abstract Reiki Healing Painting for Prosperity Good Luck

Soul , on a journey as each one of us are on a different spiritual journey , many of us hardly step aside and let the universe play its role. There are many strugglers who are not at peace with their lives. Even when they achieve success there is a sense of emptiness. The soul is never at peace with emotional turmoils.
Then there are many who are unable to see results from their efforts, be it in wealth and money, getting the right jobs, relationships or marital luck. Here comes the healing aspect for the soul which are not in sync with the plan of the universe hence it creates a block to your success. Endless efforts and trying hard does not show any fruitful results , and it seems like a journey against the flow.

Most problems in this life are related to past karmic issue and heart issues. The opening of this leads to the vast universe energy that leads to a successful prosperous life. The painting will heal gradually as you view the artwork for a long time and bring out issues of the heart in open leading to acceptance of situations that cannot be changed.
What can be changed there will be  surge of positive changes in that direction and gradually you will see a life that was once a dream becoming true. Wealth, work, relationships, feeling loved and cared for, and most of all happy to be yourself, at peace with yourself.
Always remember here is no replacement to hard sincere effort for everything else there is a feng shui.
All the Best!
Soul healing a beautiful colorful cubism abstract healing artwork on oil sketch paper in oil paints. The Reiki symbols for deep emotional healing used in this artwork opens the heart to pure love and compassion, to acceptance of the greater will. You can buy this painting from my website . Shipping is free.
 Soul Healing

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