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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Feng Shui Painting for The Single Boss Leader The Dark Horse in Business Feng Shui Painting for office luck

The leader, the single business owner , The Dark Horse in business, feng shui can play an important role in attracting business and wealth luck for the single owners and boss. Feng shui paintings displayed in offices behind the chair of the single owner can attract great prosperity and business luck.
The single owner needs to have clear focus, clear targets and clear ambitions to bring their business to greater heights. Feng shui color symbolism and calligraphy symbols with Reiki healing can help to attract positive fame and prosperity energy into your life when placed on the right place in your home or office.
All other Feng shui cures, till date,  are well known and immediately start a conversation about them working or not working by the viewers, What more these feng shui paintings are a piece of art and can be displayed without anyone knowing about your intentions and they works as great feng shui cures to attract good luck and wealth.
Feng shui cure paintings will help to attract  new business opportunities into your life. When hung in the right place will help attract fame and recognition energy. They will give that extra push of fire energy to the silent slow business owners. Feng shui cure paintings will also help the owner to gain energy and courage, confidence, clarity and focus which is very essential for success in any business ventures.
I use symbols and color symbolism in these feng shui cures with my healing  energy intentions. Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort for everything else there is feng shui!
You can buy feng shui cure paintings on my website, shipping is free. 
Two great feng shui paintings for leaders and boss.
Dragons of Fame
The Leader

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