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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Water Color Painting Price Issues and Simple Tips While Painting with water colors

Water color paintings price issues always come up. Why is a water color painting in less price as compared to oil paintings in the same size. With oils on canvas paintings always commanding a higher price water color works sometimes lag behind. There are enough reasons for this. A complex medium to work in needs very good hand control and knowledge about colors.
How to paint with water colors , the flowy thin water medium which looks so simple while viewing is one difficult task. The main ingredient added will give results accordingly,  amount of water to be added is the main ingredient as less will make the paint not flow well and more will give a very light painting.
Hand made paper is a good option and there are some simple rules people follow who love to paint in this medium. While I did get obsessed with this medium in year 2002 trying out different techniques and mediums during the self discovery process thee are some fine beautiful pieces of musical lines collection and lots of untitled works, which I have no words,except that they were made when i listened to music,  daily , listening to the five elements instrumental, great music by great masters it was The Times Group albums on elements.  it was a Reiki ritual to help relax heal the chakras so I call them musical lines.
Untitled by Rizwana Mundewadi Year 2002 Water Color on paper 7.5x10 Inches $150

Tip 1) Be prepared with rags! yes wherever there is water keep rough clothes handy.
Tip 2) Think, Think Think before beginning, usually there is no looking back, one stroke and the painting gets muddy and too much water used to clean the faulty part, risk of paper tear.
Tip 3) Always use a clean brush. This I can tell as most important. Brushes do have the tendency to store old paint from last work done which is not even visible to the eye. Always clean the brush before every use and after every use.
Tip 4) First better to have a simple sketch and then begin. Paint the insides first or the outline first as you wish but the rule of the thumb , paint light colors first and then move to darker ones.
Tip 5) The paintings dry sooner than expected so sometimes layering is necessary. Use a lighter color thin paint first and then add another layer of same color for best results in water color paintings. This i have found to work better than adding a darker color at first. Usually helps to build some drama with water colors, than having the flat works.  The biggest advantage in water color paintings, they do not soil the hands and the clothes and the sinuses!yes oils do emit fumes while painting and process of drying.
Water color paintings give an effect of lightness and delicate appeal to the eyes as compared to my first love oils, which are thicker and have a solid feel. Paintings in water color are usually found at less rates as compared to oils as the cost of mediums involved is different.

With due respect to all water color artists across the globe , Prices are very much different for other medium works and though famous artworks do get good prices there is always a difference.  Some simple reasons-
1) Cost involved in buying mediums is totally different . while a tube of color paint in oils costs much higher the water color one is bought at reasonable rates. 
2) Paper used as base for most artworks in water color is found to be cheaper as compared to canvas or oil sketch paper that comes at a much higher price.
3) The whole process of painting in oils requires more time and effort , energy and also space for drying. (with due respect to all water color artists)
4) The feel in water color works is light and it all depends upon personal choice of the buyers as they love a more colorful oil works.
Untitled 7.5x10 Inches Water Color on paper Year 2002 $150 By Rizwana Mundewadi
5) Now I am not very sure of this but canvas is thought to last longer than paper. There is always risk of paper getting musty, eaten by bugs and even the glue used while framing can spoil the artworks over years.

so, While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.
Check out  "Blue Birds", water color on paper.

Take Care and All the Best!

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