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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Costly New Year Gifts for Exclusive People Tips for Buying Paintings

Wishing all a very happy and healing positive new year.
New year an opportunity to gift near and dear ones as well as colleagues, business partners and new business clients. 
From ages gifts have had a special place of importance in our lives. From a genuine greeting card to hand kerchiefs, to scarves and shirts gift are a plenty now and we are having a lot of choice in gifting. However much we have a special personalized gift sure brings a smile on our face. Gifting options are plenty and the customer today has so many options according to budget. 

From dress to jewellery you can gift in many affordable range, and when all these ideas have saturated you can try gifting paintings. . If you wish to have some exclusive gifts, to make a personalized statement in your business as well as personal relationships paintings are coming as an important form of gifts.

Double Happiness acrylic painting on canvas by Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Even earlier since many years business and private companies would purchase paintings and then the prints would be printed on company calendars and diaries. Many foreign banks as well as centralised banks also purchase paintings and print them on their calendars and note pads. people also love the new look as well as when healing art is displayed it helps spread positivity around to many people.
If you wish to gift to exclusive clientelle and very few special business friends a very good option would be to  buying a collection of paintings from a reputed gallery or art dealer. Many times when all gift options are over and you wish to gift some thing exclusive, costly buying paintings helps to make a style statement. It is advisable to find out about the interests and likes of your client or business partners before purchasing art as what you like may not be what the other person likes. In such case for gifting it is better to follow universal general rules, buy paintings of colorful landscapes, flowers, or healing art.Avoid too much of one color in any painting bought for gifting. Go in for soothing colors, and always prefer to buy medium sized artwork for gifting, unless of course f you know the person has a large living room or office  lunge where they can display this gifted artwork.
If you are buying an original painting from an artist or art gallery and wish to make prints of the  same for diaries or stationary gift hampers you must contact the gallery and artist for the permission of prints. Buy birds, flowers, landscapes that have universal appeal, and of course healing art is best as this painting gift will be a life time gift to the receivers!
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