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Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Abstract Cubism Painting Pink Triangle, Jan 2013

New cubism abstract oil painting on canvas, 'The Pink Triangle', with so much emotional turmoil going on in my life,  it is very difficult to make happy art.Sometimes i find it hard to understand why did  this path choose me , of healing, healers go through so much energy problems which the world does not know about. Reiki healing has every healers aura opened and as we act like hollow channels to transfer energy from the universe to others around we are so prone to negative energy  attacks, other while they feel happy and love to spend time with us we are drained of the energy and have to reboot ourselves often. Have been advised to stay away from negativity and also keep aura healthy strong,still sometimes the accidents happen.As years go about to form a level of energy it drains away in days when we are exposed to negative energies around, one of the reasons why i have more birds and plant friends than humans!
Read a post by Jack White as he advises how Mikki, his wife, a great artist, is kept away from phone calls and unexpected visitors while painting, artists sure need commitment and loads of quiet time to bring out art, especially healing art.
The painting came out when its energy  was most required by me. As the healing triangle with its waves and colors, yin and yang as the idea began for making an artwork on 'Summer Solstice' was the original name in the beginning in my mind,  the most yang moment in the garden , which falls on June 21 every year, and the idea transformed into a colorful artwork, where there are lots of red orange flowers, pots representing earth energy and circles and white flowers for metal element for strength, money luck.The central mandala structure in abstraction and cubism style follows the principles of mandala paintings but appears to a cubism abstract.The sacred shape movement in Octad two overlapping triangles forms the central core of the artwork, where i usually do not go in for a perfect Octad, still till now, maybe later years may show a complete harmony Octad symbol in my healing paintings..
Red triangle for the immense energy is over powered by the pink triangle of love, healing. As the tip of the triangle shape is very powerful to direct energy and the tow base points balance energy the triangle is a shape that is best to spread energy in all directions, but only after square and circle.
Scared shapes used in this cubism artwork the painting is a colorful abstract symbolic painting for healing. How the pink came into being is of the years of obsession with stone, rose quartz, which i knew would form a part of my healing painting at some time.Rose quartz is a beautiful stone which has proved to be used by many for its healing properties and universal love powers. the rose quartz is a pink stone opaque, and sends out positive vibes according to  intentions. When there is loads of negative energy there are instances where the rose quartz stone has cracked if not purified and cleansed on time. This rose quartz helps an individual to accept things and learn to love yourself, which is the first step towards healing. Once there is acceptance then there is healing and happiness peace.
Colors used are earth energy as well as spiritual energy colors with red, brown, greens bringing prosperity energy and white and pink lilac bringing spiritual energy to the cubism abstract artwork.
The Pink Triangle
Medium- Oil paints , acrylic paint, on canvas
Size- 24x35 Inches
Year - Jan,  2013


  1. Spiritual healing art, this is so great. Just recently I found out that my synesthesia paintings emanate energy. Because of synesthesia I see colors when I hear names and words. Since years I paint what I see, I paint names and inspirational words. Recently people were telling me that they feel an energy flow coming from my paintings. They even recognize themselves in the paintings. This is so fascinating.

  2. wow your works are great, and I love the energy represented through art, nice to have connected to you please keep in touch!


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