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Friday, January 11, 2013

Spiritual meaning of Shapes Cubism Geometric Art

Sacred geometry and cubism paintings done in early years where squares formed my world. Here along came sacred geometry relating shapes to spirituality. Shapes, each individual shape as we learnt in childhood were simple and yet as we grew we started giving new meanings to them. Where a ball was a circle and a box was a square. Spiritual meanings of shapes have a vast literature which will fill up pages.
As I started reading spiritual representations of each shape it followed in my art , over the years these shapes found different representations. Circles formed most part of my geometric cubism art. followed by square and triangles, and then the Octad. A Circle was a whole world, an complete whole, indicating connections and linked to the whole universe. A square for its four corners represented stability with the Octad, two over lapping squares, a diamond shape, representing both heaven and earth energies, total order in which all things find their place, a simple action of harmonization of conflicting demands takes place.Diamond shapes evokes activeness whereas square , stability.
The circle totality for life, we can link faith, mind intentions and action into a symbolic geometric art. The void, emptiness of the circle, which produces unlimited energy and also absorbs unlimited negative energy, the source of chi. The central core of identity, where all the action takes place, a sacred zero. Here the whole idea is form coming out from a void, a zero, and this itself is the source of all energy.
The triangle with three sides forming energy force moving in three directions. The two ends representing body and mind reaching for the soul. The triangle has ultimate energy when the top single point upwards, towards heaven.
Square is in fact the best shape as it is uniform and has equal sides. The four sides being exactly equal the square brings feelings of stability and peace.The four corners reaching out for all the four directions bring about harmony and balance. The energy moving out in all directions  indicating the empty centre,a gain a powerful source of energy within.
The sacred geometry painting, Simply Geometric' done on canvas follows footsteps of cubism and spiritual art. Using colour symbolism along with sacred shapes the artwork emits positive spiritual energy. With energy colors in yellow, red and orange there are also spiritual colors french ultramarine blue, my favorite, Prussian blue, the green representing growth and prosperity, and a touch of antique copper for balancing metal element.
feng shui color symbolism , the yin and yang colors for harmony and good luck. the shapes each representing an element from the positive feng shui cycle. In feng shui elements are represented by shapes and having this shape in the area of your home or office, in any way, be it painting  artefact or color, will bring about the required balance and  loads of positive energy into your home and office. The east direction represented by rectangle shape, the south by triangle, the north by wavy flowy, the west by round and the centre, earth element by square.

Saatchi Online art gallery Showdown this month, January 2013 'In Living Color' Simply Geometric, what a wonderful beginning of this new year 2013.
I am so excited and honoured that my art is selected , it feels great to see the painting,  each artist puts their heart and soul in every artwork, up for display where the whole world can see it.
Simply Geometric happened when I was making continuous healing art, Reiki symbols followed by higher level  Reiki Seichem Symbols and of course Chinese Calligraphy , the unique beautiful symbols for good luck, health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, respect, grace, longevity and umpteen other symbols used in each healing artwork.
As the symbols overflowed, spiritual feelings emerged forms with color. A feeling to create simple art, i loved this geometry cubism artwork especially because it is so simple and yet so powerful. Following the principles of color symbolism and scared geometry, a play of shapes and colors!
you can view my paintings on my website

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