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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gifting Healing a precious Gift this New Year - by Rizwana A Mundewadi

Wishing everyone around the globe a healthy healing new year ahead! spread positivity and prosperity everywhere. Hope I continue to make good healing art and live my art! lead a simple positive healing life style. With the past 2012 giving many precious gifts in many forms, known and unknown, for which i thank God and always keep thanking , for all the souls who have departed and those who are in pain a silent prayer, for all those who are seperated may they meet, for all those who are sick may they be healed, for all those who are in search of work may they always have work at hand, and for all those struggling for finances ,may they find the right path to earn, The only sad part is still our pet is missing, I pray that she is healthy and fine, that I know,  and maybe the individual and family  needed her love more than me... if she comes back i sure will be very very happy! a tiny hope within...
Healing art a genre of art that involves symbols, colors, and sacred geometry, connects with one and all, a very good way to reach the heart of your near and dear ones and relatives and acquaintances, business partners and new business clientelle, paintings are making way to every home in different ways. From the close friend to business acquaintances people are buying art as personalized gifts to be remembered.  As i make peace with my past and continue making healing art the journey of the Red Pilgrim each day at a time...with new additions in our garden the birds continue to come and bring heaven luck into my life connecting me God.
A painting received as gift is always welcome as the receiver is made to feel special and as art is still considered to be a premium status symbol it makes the receiver feel honoured and special. Not only do people try out different genres of art for gifting but also prefer prints that are quite affordable and a part of their favorite artists's art.
healing art is a feeling an emotion that can be communicated to the receiver. and what a gift, that will give life long returns in healing relationships, bringing in more wealth, opening your life to new opportunities and leading a happy and prosperous life, and also appreciate in value! I thank all the souls who have been a part of this spiritual journey. Bring about change, in your life and others help heal with healing art.
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue tp make healing art, I wish to make simple colorful understandable healing art, art that heals.
All the Best for the year 2013 God Bless and take care!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art

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