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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Online Shopping Buying Cheap Paintings Does it Satisfy the Buyer?

online shopping , online cheap deals, easy online payments has brought a revolution in buying things,  and we all want cheapest deals for just about anything. As for art many people feel the trend follows but may not be the case.
Art we all know is expensive and does not come cheap. Genuine original paintings do involve lot of work on the part of the artist as also costly art materials and resources involved increase the cost of every painting. If you search the net for cheap deals on art you will get plenty, but does this satisfy the art collector art buyers need of emotional satisfaction?
Yes you buy art at few dollars and feel happy to hang it, the basic component of art is missing. People especially art collectors, as a fact buy art for the sheer reason of its genuinity, rarity, costliness! as for cheap deals posters and prints are fine. Only beginners in buying art and new collectors go in for buying cheap art online,the true art lovers , collectors, go in for reputed galleries and prefer to buy original paintings directly from the artist.
Cheap deals, online buying of anything goods, commodities, services, is easy and quick  but of art , there may be small sales, but art is not something, a commodity, it is much more, can be sold, every artist puts their heart and soul in their paintings, while pricing art, is a painting an object for beautifying walls, decorating homes or something more, what about aesthetics of art? as artist we all have to try to accept this revolution and make our art available online, the whole world viewership, exposure has become easy for artist but for selling it is the old traditional way better. One important link would be to connect with buyers through personal emails and communicate with the artist and buyer.
Why do people buy art, original paintings from famous artists is the first question, if you get the answer...

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