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Monday, October 5, 2015

Understand Different Types of Fire Energy in Paintings Fire For feng shui South Symbolism

Fire is a very important element to activate feng shui sector south. The best and important part of   your home that has the energy to attract fame, recognition and most importantly motivation to work. Fire Paintings, objects, lights, lamps all have fire energy. Understanding the symbolism of fire here is very important if you wish to use this magical cure to attract good luck.
Fires are of different types. Productive and Destructive.  Productive, like candles , lamps, for benefit and destructive like wild fires, home on fire, forest on fire that have negative energy.
Then another major one that is seen plenty nowadays is religious fire.  Religious fire is represented by burning diyas, oil lamps, fragrant candles, sometimes in home temples, near religious idol photos and paintings and also the Altar.
Soothing fire energy, photo by Rizwana Mundewadi
What is the difference in fire energy in these fire paintings or objects? Religious fires are passive, soothing and not with desire energy. For feng shui fame sector we need passion, and strong motivation to work.
Burning homes and forests are the worst energy, and people often do not see the images in paintings before buying them, and this effects the sector in a very bad way, sometimes leading to extreme cases in closing down of business and losing jobs frequently. and complete stopping of incoming wealth.
Then people reading to have fire burning in south for fame choose to have Altar/Temple there. Again this indicates another  type of fire energy.
While the fire is passive and soothing it  sometimes brings a energy in the human being of that passive relaxing one that is not so good for your work and improvement of business.
People need strong fire desire to work, improve, succeed in life, the type of dragon fire energy. This does not mean that any type of religious fire is bad, its just that it may not give you the desired push required too success in life and work.

Choose fire paintings carefully and the type of fire objects in your south fame sector to attract great feng shui!
Sharing one of my fire symbolism paintings, Enjoy!

Flame of Prosperity, Original painting Rizwana Mundewadi
All the Best f rom Rizwana!

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