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Friday, November 6, 2015

1 Solid wall of your home influences how your day and your life goes Importance of Solid wall and My Article in Spiceroute November Issue

1 wall in every home is considered auspicious and has loads of feng shui energy. In homes where I see happiness, good health prosperity taking a single view shows how their walls are decorated and utilized for attracting good chi.
Walls are in every home as we say, no they are not. Just think about this  from another perspective, When we say walls they have to be solid large walls. When we see a partition or a makeshift wall unit as wall this will  not have the same type of energy.
The Red Dot of Healing on Golden Colored wall Rizwana Mundewadi
Golden House of Good Luck , Modern Painting Rizwana Mundewadi
Strength, confidence, motivation to progress and good health all is influenced by the walls in your homes. There has to be at least one wall in every room that is the lucky one, complete wall made of bricks and cement or stone. Homes without walls are open and do not accumulate nourishing energy as chi passes away from one room to another and has no solid staying force.
Then there are also homes which have the main door facing the open terrace that is divided by glass partition. Too many windows again on every wall in your living room or any room will influence your luck and energy of all inmates. This specially affects wealth which gets no space to sit on.
The main door considered the mouth of your house will attract good energy but is there is no solid wall  to hold strength this will neutralize and even dissolve or totally move out from another space.
It is really essential to have at least one solid wall in every room which can be activated with great feng shui art, motivational and inspirational artworks and artifact for attracting good luck, health , happiness, good relations, mentor luck, travel luck, wealth and prosperity.
If you do not have a solid wall you can add some simple yet effective important feng shui cures and art for balancing the elements in your space. Colors, shapes and images can be added to uplift and store energy in any space.
Meanwhile, after the burning of old paper paintings some new ones, some repainted, and going with the flow, and very happy with how my art is progressing over the span of fifteen plus years! On my art front, Check out my Mini Chicklets of Good Luck, I have been obsessively painting these , that involve , fengshui symbolism, color therapy and for all the goodluck in life energies.
Mini Chicklets of Good  Luck Feng Shui Paintings Rizwana Mundewadi

Blue Bird of Good Luck and Orange Bird of wealth, Cubsima dn symbolism, size 6.5x9.5 inches. Rizwana Mundewadi

Spice Jet Inflight magazine Spiceroute, my Feng Shui article in November 2015 Issue
then on the personal front, the immense happiness to see my words in print, after two ebooks on Amazon Kindle, this one is again a beautiful expression with practical workable tips. A beautiful package of great interesting read  while flying with Spice jet Airlines. Thanks a Lot Neelam! If you are interested check out some practical important tips for festive cleaning the feng shui way!
Festive Cleaning The Feng Shui Way by Rizwana Mundewadi Spiceroute inflight magazine November 2015

you are welcome at my website! and enjoying every bit of this spiritual journey of the Red Pilgrim , as I continue to paint healing art...

All the Best from Rizwana!

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