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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Feng Shui of Burning my Old Paintings Burning my paintings Symbolic Feng Shui Clutter Clearing

Burning Old Paper Paintings Rizwana Mundewadi
 Feng shui of burning old paintings, afetr following feng shui, writing and sharing on feng shui the main description of clutter clearing came upon now .  When we say clutter accumulation and clutter cleaning, the most important aspect blocking energy and progress, as this was going on over the years I took the final great step of burning some of my old paintings of paper.
Small and large , old ones, yes these were close to my heart, but there was one  decision I had to take to keep only my best works as heirloom behind.
Old Symbolic Cubism Paintings Rizwana Mundewadi
 Over the span of fifteen plus years of my spiritual journey in art, there are so many paper works, a path of my self discovery, some special ones that brought smile to my face even now, but had to let go.
I think every artist has to go through this with their art, Yes if possible repaint, recycle and reuse these old artworks but if not it is better to remove them to create space for fresh artworks.
Burning Old Paintings Rizwana Mundewadi
 Symbolically burning old paintings brought about a release  of energy and opened fresh ideas and of course created more space to add on more  art in my large storage.
Burning Piantings
Feng Shui Purification and Clutter Cleaning of Paintings

Burnt Old Paintings

Ashes of Old Burning Paintings
 Mixed emotions, yet a feeling of emptiness and lightness engulfed my heart. Yes it is natural to cry, but then there is the happiness of making way for fresh new ideas, and new art.
In case you are an artist and going through this please take extra care before burning your old art.
1) You can frame them and hang them in your space.
2) You can gift them for free to friends and relatives, they will be happy to decorate their walls with original art.
3) You can cut pieces of large art and make collages , thus making it new.
Burning of some precious Old Paper paintings Rizwana Mundewadi
4) You can repaint them or add some new paper to make them attractive.
5) You can cut large paintings to small sections that look new , abstract and great and frame them with a new identity.
6) Burning old paintings is a symbolic way to clear clutter and helps attract fresh energy.
7) Feng shui blocked energy with lots of old artworks that are never displayed or sold is just like clutter and affects progress in career and life.
Meanwhile if you do decide to burn old paintings please see the safety precautions, I have done this on our open terrace garden and used the ashes as feedings for my plants,  that are so happy they are giving out awesum blooms, maybe the Reiki symbols and Happy energy art is giving them more energy and health! especially the fragrant Jasmine!
Sharing some happiness, surrounded by symbols of happiness, Chinese symbols, Vibrant Colors,  my latest symbolic Painting Acrylic on Paper " Celebrating Life" and am doing just that right now!
"Celebrating Life" my Latest Acrylic on Paper Rizwana Mundewadi

All the Best from Rizwana!

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