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Friday, March 20, 2015

Art Dark Blue Walls Focal Wall Art Which color paintings for Dark blue walls

Joy of Simplicity and Pot of Harmony on Blue Wall
Art Dark Blue Walls Focal Wall Art Which color paintings for Dark blue walls? Modern home decor and interiors have lots of color and usually in modern homes we hardly see all white or all off white walls that are now completely restricted to art galleries!
Body is the Temple  one of my old symbolic painting  on linen

Untitled Healing  Blue Art on Blue Wall

Terrific Symphony of My Life, colorful feng shui painting

"Pot of prosperity" and "Untitled' Reiki healing art
Even when walls are of pastel shades mostly one wall is chosen as a focal point in any room decor. It can be decorated with textures, designs, wall paper or even real gold glitter! as per your budget and your fantasies!
While people love to go bold for this one central focal wall art too has a part of this wall. Art has to either create interest or blend with the focal wall.
Suggestions for dark blue a awesum color that goes very well with most colors as it proves in next to black for its beauty and grace!
All paintings displayed here are my original paintings. Please do not copy!
Thank you! 

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