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Monday, May 18, 2015

How to Find the Right Soul Mate Why You are not finding your soul mate Matrimony and Healing Art

Matrimonial sites and marriage websites and finding the right partner for marriage, are so many still we find people struggling to find the right soul mate. Marriage is such a beautiful relationship, the most wonderful one to experience that brings joy happiness and  family energy into your life, is still not so easy for some and sad that they are left to lead life with loneliness. How ever hard they try and wherever they search for they are unable to find the right perfect soul mate where they can tie the knot.
Love Waves Original painting in acrylic on canvas by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
When people apply to various matrimonial sites and also contact marriage bureau, agents and relatives for finding a good prospect, some times things just don’t work out and one seems to wonder whether there is more to it. People begin to blame luck, sometimes ‘their stars’ ‘rashi’ ‘kundli’and then finding various reasons for not finding the right soul mate feel it is justified to lead a single loneliness full life.
Ever wondered with simple symbolism why you are not finding the right soul mate or partner suitable for matrimony? Look around , nature has symbols, the universe always wishes good for you and guides you, it is we who never listen.
1) The most important reason I have seen for not finding the right soul mate is too many expectations, yes trying o find an unrealistic partner, with too many perfect qualities, is a sure shot for failure to find anyone suitable for marriage.
2) Too many people advice in between thus no proposal is approved.
3) You may be searching in the wrong places. Appropriate websites or agents who have your type, educational and job level proposals can help you better. Looking for right proposals in the wrong lot will only end in seeing a lot of proposals but not finding any one suitable.
4) First do a background check of the matrimonial sites and if any of your close ones have registered and found a right mate. Most sites have just sprung up with a few proposals and heavy advertising and do not guide you.
5) It is always better to see only a few selected ones that seem good, otherwise most failures are due to seeing a lot of proposals and then finding fault with every person, just leads to ending up being alone!
Now for some symbolism round as to why you are not finding your true soul mate-
1) Look around, your home, your living room and the space you live in. Does it speak loudly that this space belongs to a single person. One table near the bed, one vase, one chair and all things in one, especially if this type of energy is in bedroom, then you unconsciously send a message to the universe that you are comfortable with being alone.
2) Check the feng shui relationship sector. It may be cluttered or totally missing.
3) If the helpful friends and relationships sector is missing you need to fill this with feng shui cures or symbols to attract positive energy.
4) How are your actions, do you really wish to find a partner? People keep searching for marriage partners and then love their singlehood. They are so comfortable in their space that they themselves doubt whether another person will fit into this life with them.
5) Learning about your lucky numbers and birthdates is ok and sometimes helpful too, but not very essential, if you have strong symbols for happiness then you attract this type of energy in your life.
6) Look out of your home, there may be symbols of blocking energy or loneliness. In form of a large pillar in front of main door, huge tree blocking the door, or maybe a place with not such good vibes.
7) Did you activate the marriage sector? As in feng shui simple cures can help to attract marital success and great relationships.
8) Usually most people who are unable to find the right soul mate have clutter and blockages in energy of the bedroom. This needs to be purified and cleansed and then put up with feng shui cures to attract the beautiful energy of soul mate here.
It is just a simple change of objects and symbols put up with the right intentions here that you can easily attract marital success and happy relationships in your married life. Healing symbols put up near your bed space can be beneficial to attract good marriage proposals and also help you to find the right soul mate. It is all linked together, and not just one feng shui sector that will show you results. Like the female energy sector is south west  being the relationship sector, also links to family, elders,and relationship sector east and north east for self goals. Then there is also Reiki energy that can help by putting up symbols that attract good energy. The symbols/ healing art help to give the desired push in the right directions for you to find your right soul mate, it is actually like  a friend along side guiding you to take the right actions. And after marriage help to keep love and happiness between the married couple.

Pink Pots of Happiness  on Pink Wall Paper Oil on Oil Sketch Paper by Rizwana A.Mundewadi

(This post is in reply to the many queries regarding finding the right soul mate and unsuccessful marriage proposal visits. If you have any queries do comment here or share on my website email, I will be more than happy to help you out!)
Hope this helps! All the Best from Rizwana!

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