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Monday, October 3, 2016

Strange Dreams of Gold Coins Symbolism and Gold Coins in Pot Coins Paintings Symbolism Tips to Buy Gold Coins Pot Paintings

Dreams, what Sigmund Freud studied and expressed in  quite unusual understandings, we do get affected by dreams. Not all times do we get to see happy dreams in sleep and at times, scary nightmares do leave everyone in sweat and fear.
Symbolism of each dream is totally different and will also have different meanings for every person depending upon their environment and personal experiences as also their knowledge ,education and cultural backgrounds.
Chinese Gold coins is a very strong powerful Feng Shui cure to attract wealth and prosperity and these have been proved to work wonders.
My Pot of Gold Gold Coins
Pots of Goodluck

Simply put Gold and coins represent wealth and power. Your finances and stability in relationships. Seeing Gold coins in dream will bring a sparkle in your eyes that you will receive wealth in unexpected ways, but just what you see has lots of other meanings of what your brain wishes to communicate with you.
Golden Wealth 
Dreaming of Gold coins and Goodluck coins may have different meanings. not always be a good symbol for everyone and what you see in your dream has a lot to do and has loads of hidden meanings and unfold your life, your thoughts and your subconscious mind.
1) You dream of Gold coins rusted - this has a symbolic meaning of your brain sending messages of wealth lying idle, not using opportunities appropriately and waste of resources from your side.
2) Dreams of single Gold coin- loneliness and wealth not multiplying. Fear of losses in business or work, finances.
3) Dream of Box or Bag of Gold Coins under soil, in water-  underutilized efforts, your talents not put to proper use. Hidden wealth , potentials you did not tap into.
4) Pot of Gold- coins glistening in sun may not always be wealth but a mirage, the brain sending alert messages to check the opportunity or new friendships at hand, you may have made recently.
5) Gold Coins on trees- a flowering fruiting tree is a happy symbol of flourishing business. Your efforts have been paid for,happy financial outcomes.
6) Gold coins found suddenly on road- An unexpected opportunity that may be fruitful, yet always be careful and check carefully before committing into any financial decisions.
7) Empty bag of Gold coins- this one has a lot about your mind and thoughts and not necessarily come true. Karmic influnecs and thoughts of fear of losses and financial downfalls brings out such dreams.
8) Overflowing pot of Coins- abundance, it indicates blessings from the universe and need to be carefully handled by you without arrogance and ego.
Your dreams sometimes send messages that there is more wealth than required or more than you deserve, self talk and positive message help heal this vacuum of low confidence and low self esteem. As also your thoughts about money and wealth-from childhood many of us have been fed wrong notions about wealth. That more wealth is not good it leads us astray, and that more wealth is got only from wrong means,  of course the main one that you will have to pay in terms of health and  relationships if you get more wealth. These negative imbibed thoughts have to be changed into positive and progressive thoughts about wealth and money for you to attract abundance in your life.
This can be cured easily with self talk and surrounding yourself with symbols of wealth.
Paintings of Gold Coins Pot of Gold and Chinese Coins-
I have been fascinated with these beautifully Awesum Feng Shui wealth cures and these have come up in many of my paintings. For the love of antiques, old, heritage, charm and the beauty of Goodluck coins, cam about from childhood metal square money coins. I still do have a collection of old antique money coins.  They are not gold coins but currencies in different shapes and the imprints attracted me, many of us did  this,  as we could make pencil drawings by rubbing the coins keeping then under paper and scribbling.
Feng Shui Pot of prosperity
Simply strong symbols of wealth gold coins took another strong symbolism when Feng Shui Old Masters suggested Chinese Goodluck coins as wealth cures in Feng Shui.
Choosing to Buy paintings of Goodluck Coins and Pot of Gold coins check these tips carefully-
1) Do not buy paintings of broken pots. Pots in paintings also symbolizes body and body parts, so you understand what I am hinting at!as you view this everyday.
2) Always select Gold coins in paintings in pairs or many in number and never single. One coin brings loneliness and indicates pain and sadness in life. It will also take away wealth as Masters say wealth and money does not like to be alone , it moves away from that place.
3) You love old paintings and antiques, even old antique coins in paintings, choose these carefully.  Do check the symbols and inscribed images on the coins before buying these paintings. Many old artists painted bloody images and war symbols on coins. Displaying this will affect your wealth and your life.
4) Avoid four coins in any artwork that you buy- the Chinese word pronounced , sound, for four is similar to death.
5) While it is famous to buy Pot of Gold paintings with a rainbow, its mirage and the Lore goes that the Monk really did not find any pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow!so if you wish to use this as a wealth cure, buy clear image paintings.
6) Avoid muddied and abstract money Gold coins paintings. This again represents no clear goals and no clear wealth in your life.
7) Strongly avoid paintings with fire and water with Gold Coins and Pot of Gold. Symbolism is water will rust your wealth and fire will in long run melt your wealth. Both negative effects on your finances.
Avoid hanging these paintings in bedroom and children's room- they have negative effects and will affect relationships and health adversely. beautiful Gold coins and pot of Gold paintings can be hung to attract wealth and prosperity and act as great Feng Shui wealth cures if hung in proper directions and spaces.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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  1. Gold investment is one of the best option after property investment. You can search latest gold designs in Thane.

    1. I love gold! it has a spiritual and elegant energy, Thank you Shreeyogijewellers!


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