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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Modern Residences Art and Art for Modern Home Decor How Modern Contemporary Art Brings Feng Shui into your Home decor

Modern residences and modern homes all have different sized artworks and wall art, usually going along with the interior decor.
Modern homes may be following different decor styles, be it contemporary, Urban, Art Deco, Arabian, French, Country, Ethnic, Victorian and many more which an interior decorator will be much better knowledgeable and equipped to explain.
Modern Residences Art and Art for Modern Home Decor
Today modern homes are a combination of many styles, with some antique pieces of furniture along with practical modern contemporary furniture, some rare sculptures and of course original art.
 The symbolism and color theory in feng shui as of in art world goes into abstract artwork category. Then also healing paintings go along in spiritual art as well as modern art deco collections. Cubism , where I began, is a most beautiful art form, and I love this, my first love( Windows of The Soul)
 Wall art must either fit into your space,  home like a second skin or it must be a focal point with shocking images and bold colors.
Art has the power to heal, to change and to progress. Modern  paintings usually also are based on minimalist style of painting. Not just a piece of decor, a conversation or your living room focal point artworks can also bring about healing, !a beautiful change, and they can fit with any type of decor arrangements as the colors used are from soothing earthy tones to vibrant red and blues and modern funky pinks!
Geometry and cubism paintings, Picasso style,  usually large canvases of colors, Rothko style, also are beautiful modern paintings. Modernists are those painters who have broken the traditional realist painters thoughts, brought about a revolution in the history of art and made way for modern contemporary styles, be it shapes, geometry or colors.
Any art has energies of the artist and colors used along with symbolic representations that are basically abstract paintings for any viewer. Symbols , these are colorful lines, that speak to the viewer. Connecting, communicating and healing.
Then there are also healing paintings done by many artists that are only color field abstracts, floral landscapes still lifes all art is healing if it connects with you. Art that brings about an emotion, a reaction is healing.  Many modernist artists paint shapes, geometry and all ideas are broken down, represented by cubes and shapes.
Modern Contemporary Art Brings Feng Shui into your Home decor
Modern homes may have a single large canvas art or a collection of small artworks in a geometric pattern frame arrangement. With the awareness of healing and  feng shui  people are also opting for Zen style decor where they follow minimalist furniture, practical arrangements and soothing wall art.
Where the south wall may have a vibrant red to activate fame energy and a north goes with a blue wall art to attract prosperity and wealth luck. Modern paintings with geometric shapes of circle are best for north and north west sector and if you also follow feng shui colors, silver grey white and shiny,  are great wealth enhancers. For more understanding of modern paintigns, colors and shapes and benefiting from your modern wall art with feng shui visit my blog feng shui -simple cures.
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All the Best from Rizwana!

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