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Monday, January 26, 2015

Wall Art for Wooden Floors 8 Tips for Selecting Paintings for Homes with wooden flooring

Wood and heritage structures and antique furniture,the rustic look is sometimes what some people love. there is an old charm in wooden furniture and floorings and a very good feng shui wood energy into your home and office. From the old heritage structures to ancestral homes wooden floors bring beautiful memories, that still are strong, except for a few simple mopping no maintenance is required makes wooden flooring a great option for flooring.
Wooden Framed Art for Wooden Floors

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Purple room Wood painted furniture healing art

Wood floors healing art in Orange
From wood floor tiles to carpets to installing real solid wood floors we see the old look of wood coming into many homes today. Usually timber the finishes applied on wood flooring differ and give the unique look to your wooden floors. Natural varnishes and coatings help keep your wooden floors in great condition.
Why wooden floors look different? it is the colors used for staining the wood, varnishing that gives the wooden flooring a unique look and different color. From golden oak to ebony to peachy brown and off white light ocher to cherry reds ad maroons we see so many colors in wooden flooring. So there is a light look and a dark mahagony look. Reds , browns and blacks , wooden floors look different in different homes and also as the experts in this field advise no two wooden floors will look the same as it also depends upon the response, shade, coming after the application of stainers.
Paintings chosen when your home has wooden flooring would be great looking with your decor if you consider this wisely. Colors that may blend with the flooring or contrast with your home /office flooring in your artworks.
While choosing art for walls in spaces with wooden flooring-
1) Dark mahagony and dark varnishes on wooden floors will do much better with lighter colored  artworks.
2) Light wooden flooring give a feeling of space, and using at least one of this color in your wall art helps to bring in harmony and a great feng shui energy.
3) Avoid too much red in flooring of wood, as feng shui color for fire is red and walking on fire, it is understood will represent in problems in your life.
4) Prefer to have as much closer to nature as possible in wooden finishes for your floorings.
5) Earthy and nature colors in art go best with wooden flooring spaces.
6) Prefer to choose dark colored art sparingly as wood has its own energy that is strong.
7) While choosing varnishes and glossy finishes for your wood flooring do consider the light reflecting on the wall as this will affect the appearance/ visual appeal of your paintings.
8)While the floors are wood so also you chose wooden furniture and have this element stronger. Wood is best for living rooms which fall in east or south direction. And the brown color somehow brings the earth element also helping in giving earth energy while walking on wooden floors.
Wooden floorings are great feng shui wood element energy and help to give grounding strength to body. From the healing point also people are becoming more and more aware of benefits and choosing wooden flooring for floors,and what more with the types of finishes and colored strainer wooden floors come in variety of options and go great with any type of furniture.
All the Best from Rizwana!

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