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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Latest Trends in Art for the New Generation and How Art is Making Way into their Homes Art for the Generation Next

Generation next has their new tastes and love for more bold, funky and also sometimes more outrageous choices in terms of art. Not only do we see a move from traditional artworks to a more vibrant colorful abstracts and symbolic works being chosen even bold themes are making way into the latest decor of contemporary homes.
Untitled/ Amplify Mental Energy 
Graphic designing has brought a new colorful choices in displaying artworks in homes with many people also opting for costly artwork prints that give out great ambiance to any space. Generation next are the ones less bothered about rigid discipline, less about daily rituals habits and more about freedom of choice.
They are also much focused unlike their counter parts and want to have everything right in the beginning of their life. Strong goal oriented young generation also opt for bolder and more style making statement artworks for their homes and offices.

Not only do we see a lot of geometric paintings but also more of unique colors and technique used in artworks that are attracting the generation next. Also another trend today with the gen next is the choice of larger homes and larger walls thus leading to choice of buying larger paintings. 
The trend today is also involving art in many forms and not keeping art restricted to just walls or paintings. 
We are seeing a lot of art in wall colors, art in furnishings and also art in modern contemporary furniture. Paintings which can be graphic designed or printed over a lot of unique different surfaces have brought art into many forms in the gen next homes.  So while we see models wearing art we are also seeing a lot of unique jewellery designed with art prints and images. 
Paintings are chosen as prints to make a unique style statement with tablet covers, laptop covers, special gifting cards with original painting prints , and also sarees and dress material with original art prints. 
Art not being confined to just framed paintings, we see Contemporary furniture designers and modern footwear designers to jewellery we are seeing a lot of art into our lives and sooner there will be an artful world which will spread happiness  and prosperity all the way!
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All the Best from Rizwana!

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