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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Secret to Sell Art Online Successfully Technical tips

Selling art online is the only way where any artist , from any genre can sell their artworks successfully. Be it a landscape painting or a figurative portrait, a small painting or a very large work, a fine art print or a sculpture any work can be sold successfully online by registering on the many art galleries available on the web.
While you select an art gallery to display your art do consider the coverage and name of the online art gallery. It is a fact that there are many online art galleries and when you brush the web you will get umpteen number of online galleries who all promise to sell your art successfully. Do look at the reputation of your selected online art gallery otherwise you may also fear losing your original paintings to a false sale.
 To display online the trick is to select the right category, you have to narrow down the search online so that people do visit your art home page and your paintings come up in common google searches.
Describe your paintings very well, remember this is the only connection you have with the viewers and potential buyers or collectors of your art. Use words simple, understanding terms, and try to connect with your collectors by giving genuine details of your paintings.
Do mention any special important terms you use in your art, paintings or art techniques
, art styles, your own signature style . this will narrow down your artworks to selected few buyers and collectors who are searching the web for buying paintings from online art galleries.
Technical details and tips for selling art successfully online- photograph your art well. A foggy picture of a very good painting would not attract a second glance so do put some effort to photograph your art well.Picture clarity and lighting is very important for a great photograph of your painting. Do mention the colours,as however hard we try the photo is never the same, make it a point to inform viewers regarding the picture colours and shades., usually when I snap a flower if it is ultra marine blue it shows purple and the red show maroon, and the other way round, guess the technical details of colour frequencies! want to sell art get a good pixel camera of highest resolution in your budget.I find it best to shoot in natural day indirect sunlight.
Title, a right title , a correct and relevant title of your paintings is most essential.Let the viewer connect to your paintings online by the right and appropriate name for your painting. It will be easy to sell paintings when the viewer sees what he has come for and buys your painting.
Make the home page friendly for the eyes and the soul.Go eco friendly when setting up a website or selling art online on any reputed online art gallery. Offer easy payment options for your art collectors.Use reputed and trusted online payment methods.  It is also advisabe to give your email contact so that it becomes easy for your art collectors to keep up with your latest works. Most important technical details for selling  art successfully online is to make an attractive home page, friendly for the eyes. If there are many images, videos and clutter chances are the prospective buyer and art collector may find difficult to focus on the paintings. too much seeking their attention
 and the viewer may skip the site.lost a sale!
Price your paintings in a fair method. Now this is a very tricky part as art and paintings have no parameters for comparison and judging. You consider the cost of materials used and the online gallery commissions as well as shipping and transport charges when you are selling art online.Still I would not like to mention much here as it depends on each and every individual artist. And online sales vary from 100$ to 1,00,000$ , no rules here.
Be truthful, buyers and collectors like a true artist and human being, your behaviour online indicates a lot about your art. Give right technical details of your paintings. technical measurements, size, weight, shipping, availabiltiy- if this particular painting is available for sale, it would be very sad when you get some buyer or art collector interested in your painting and on enquiring they find out that this painting is sold, be in touch and regularly update your paintings website and online galleries portfolios.
This is also a  way of indicating your are alive and painting and will go on painting! very important for collectors to know you are here to stay!
Works on Absolute
 Works on Saatchi Online London
 It is true that keywords are very important in online presentations and sales. A you tube movie -->

gets many hits in a single hour whereas viewers and buyers of art will be limited. Trick here is to use simple words to describe your art. People searching on google and other search engines use simple easy words, no commas, no capital letters, maybe sometimes your paintings may come up in a search and the viewer may become a buyer, who knows what can happen, anything can happen, with online sales of paintings.
There is no replacement to hard sincere effort , for the rest there is feng shui.

keep having online presentations of your art. Online exhibitions, slide shows, videos of your art, blogs writing and also sales and concessions during festivals and other seasonal sales.
meanwhile do not forget in the hub dub of selling your  at online , the main purpose of  your artist life, painting, do keep painting.

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