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Monday, September 17, 2012

Special Healing Paintings for Hospitals and Clinics

Healing Painting for Hospitals and Clinics by Healing Artist raz
Hospitals and clinics are well aware of healing the root causes of any disease and more so in psychiatric and psychological cases. Not only do the psychiatric consultants in every country of the world accept other therapies but also focus on the overall imporvement of health of the patients. Healing paintings can be used effectively to improve the rate of healing and reduce the time required for healing. Reiki Masters believe that all diseases can be healed better and quickly when allopathic medicines are used along with healing energy therapies and Reiki energy can facilitate curing the disease and healing along with improving the resistence and overall quality of life of the patients.
Since Reiki energy is positive energy and Reiki Masters use the energy from the universe and channel it towards the patient and this Reiki energy reaches the desired organ or Chakra where it is required, it is totally safe without any side effects. There is no chances of overdose and also there is no reactions or negative effects. Symbols used in Reiki therapy may or maynot be used by the Master, and this usually depends upon the individual case history of the patients. Usually in mental hospitals and psychiatric patients clinics, that is in a psychiatrists clinic patients who are having mental problems, adjustment problems, psychological problems or any other obsessive disorders where they are stuck up with negative thoughts and are unable to be controlled effectively with medicines, healing paintings can work miracles.
In most psychiatric cases medicines may be able to control the psychiatric problems effectively but the patients may have side effects like depression, excessive sleep disorders, weight gain etc. In such cases the reason for being unable to heal is there may be karmic blocks which will hinder the progress of the individual and also avoid the energy reaching the required organ for the patient to heal. Here the reiki master can promote healing by using symbols and energy block removal techniques to remove the blocks in aura and chakras, which is hindering the patients cure.
Unless the auric blocks and chakras are cleared of past karmic blocks and diseases of the aura the patient , however best treatment he takes may not heal completely. This is not in any way promote Reiki therapy against any other Pathy of medicine. Reiki energy is not to be replaced with allopathic medicines without consulting your physician. It can only be used along with the medicines to facilitate good progress and total cure. Psychic attacks can be reduced by using Reiki healing energy and also this will help the patient to understand and accept his problems and situations. The first step towards any healing is acceptance of disease and Reiki energy helps immensely in this field.
The aura of an individual will show the diseases well in advance and the healer can guide the healee to be prepared for the same as it is seen that any disease manifests itself first in the outer most layer of the aura and then as it moves towards the body will be seen after many days or months in physical form. Mental and psychological problems are usally related to the root chakra where the patient lives in fantasy or away from reality.
My healing paintings help to remove such invisible auric and karmic blocks of energy from the viewers aura and the more close these healings paintings are kept , that is hung in such a place where the healing paintings can be viewed most of the time, will promote healing in any type or diseases. With my intentions of healing and my favourite Reiki symbols along with Chinese calligarphy I use these healing paintings to promote good health, good luck and peace along with harmony.
In many psychiatric and psycholoigcal cases where the patients are out of control and may need shock treatments or extreme measures of treatment these healing paintings when hung in their rooms will give out passive positive energy and help the healee to gradually accept their situation and get better soon. In strong psychological cases reiki symbols can help cleanse the aura and let in fresh positive energy in the patients.It has been proved that any image you view has an effect on your psyche and viewing energy symbols in my healing paintings helps to bring in and attract good energy from the universe , not only for patients but for every individual who views them. The individuals will not only get healed of present karmic blocks and feel free but also their lives will become richer and better adjusted. They will be in better condition to focus on relationships, educational studies and also job and career.
In hospitals and clincis of any physician these healing paintings can be hung in the consulting rooms ,lobbies and reception areas so that many can benefit from the healing energies. There are also special healing paintings which Surgeons, Doctors and Consultants can  hang in their personal  consulting rooms for protection against negativity from other sick patients. It so happens that healers also catch negative energies from healees , so also doctors sometimes catch some negative energy from any patient and may as a result face personal problems. healing paintings can act as protectors and energisers for everyone.
Healing paintings have overall energy intentions for good health, progress, wisdom honour and respect along with wealth and career energies to promote and attract money and happy relationships among family, friends, relatives and colleagues.
(The painting posted here "A Deeper Ray of Healing" is a original healing painting by Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi , a healing artist. Size 9.5x13.5 done on oil sketch paper in mixed medium September Year 2012. The colours used for healing are spiritual colours , more prominently blue that is soothing and healing along with the most spiritual color purple, indicating the Reiki purifying violet cold fire. The symbol used here is a powerful Reiki symbol used to dispel psychic attacks. The powerful energy symbol 'Cho ku Rei' to 'put the power here' ).

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