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Monday, September 24, 2012

Dance like no one is watching - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
Dance like no one is watching and paint like you don't need the money, is what everyone tells. Is it so easy to paint carefree when there are bills to be paid and food to be on your plate?, is what I hear from many artists who have to run home with their art.
Whenever I see an art, the artist, hear them I can feel the pressures, the feelings of anxiety the loose talk, the thoughts of selling, trying to bargain..
Leave aside all this may be difficult but I am afraid there is no way out. Your emotions and feelings are immediately transferred to the buyer who will repel more from you and of course your art, which is what you do not want. Meditation and positive talk helps to ease out your emotions and calms your senses.
It is also advisable that you definately find a different source of income,especially in the beginning of your artist career when making art is more and sales few. Study art but paint only originals.Each one must try to find their own path, inner souls longing,  and make a place in this world. You are unique God made you so, do make yourself so. Portfolio

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